Damage surprise Emma Bunton live on Heart

Emma Bunton received a special Valentine’s Day surprise when her fiancé Jade Jones and his fellow band mates from Damage turned up to the Heart studios in Leicester Square to serenade her.

The boys sneaked into the studio during a song, whilst Emma was wearing a mask so didn’t know who was there.

While the mask was on, Emma’s co-host Jamie Theakston said he was going to give her a kiss, but instead, Emma’s fiancé Jade stepped in and kissed her. When Emma took her mask off, Jade was there with Noel, Andrez and Rahseen from Damage, and a bunch of flowers.

She said: “Oh my goodness! Do you know, I’m so glad it’s you! I thought, ‘Who’s was kissing me?’! I was going to phone you (Jade) because I didn’t get a card!”

Jamie Theakston revealed: “All morning, Emma has been joking, ‘I can’t believe Jade. I woke up and there was nothing there when I left. There was no card!’, so we thought we’d have a little Valentine’s Day surprise for you. Isn’t that romantic?”

Jade said: “I wanted to deliver the flowers to you personally.” Later, the Damage boys played their single ‘Love II Love’ for Emma.

Posted on Monday, February 17th, 2014 at 9:25 am by RadioToday UK

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