RAJAR: Bauer leads with digital listening

Bauer’s new station Absolute Radio has regained listeners this quarter to take it back to where it was this time last year – with 1.76m listeners.

Nationally Bauer’s Passion Portfolio has reached 10m listeners for first time as Kiss gets five million listeners across the UK.

Digitally, Bauer owns the top three most listened to commercial stations, with Absolute 80s, Planet Rock and Kisstory.

Other stats from the latest RAJAR results show Absolute 80s has dropped slightly from 1.20m to 1.18m, but is still up on 12 months earlier which was just under 900,000 weekly listeners. Absolute 90s posts a record high of 568k listeners.

In London, Magic and Kiss are down in numbers (as are most FM stations) with Kiss dropping from 1.97m to 1.82m listeners and Magic going from 1.96m to 1.75m.

Kiss Fresh hasn’t had the automatic inheritance of listeners it might have expected from Smash Hits on digital platforms, with the service reporting a drop from 887k to 387k weekly listeners. It is a complete change of name and format though so not completely comparable. The service is listed by RAJAR as Kiss Fresh (formerly Smash Hits).

Planet Rock remains above a million listeners but sees a slight drop this quarter.

Steve Parkinson, Managing Director, Bauer Radio London, said: “Breaking the 10 million listener mark is a great moment for the Passion Portfolio teams. The ongoing national success of Kiss plays a big part in this, with its new channels Kisstory and Kiss Fresh performing way beyond expectations. The programming teams are rightly celebrating having five out of the top ten most popular digital stations in the UK.”

Across the country, Key 103 has recovered from recent all-time low figures and is now back up to 570,000 listeners from 395,000 three months ago and Wave 105 recorded its best performance for a decade for both reach and hours, reaching 438,000 listeners. There’s no major difference with TFM now it’s networked from Metro – the station has 172,000 listeners – down this quarter but up year-on-year.

Dee Ford, Group Managing Director Radio, Bauer Media, said: “With impressive growth from Kiss and Planet Rock to Absolute Radio and Key 103, Bauer’s commercial audience continues to grow, helping our commercial partners get just what they need from one media owner – delivery of big, high-impact campaigns that reach millions of potential consumers. Through our ambitious digital strategy, we can also offer brands targeted communications across a range of demographics.”

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