Rose d'Or awards to include radio entries

The Rose d’Or Awards, which recognises achievements in entertainment programming from broadcasters worldwide, is opening up to include radio this year.

The awards have been around for over 50 years with categories for television and online video: Arts, Factual & Reality Entertainment, Game Show, Comedy, Sitcom, and Entertainment.

New radio categories with radio in mind are:

Comedy (non-scripted and scripted comedy shows excluding sitcoms, but including sketches, panel, improvisation, clips, comedy specials and stand-up routines.)

Reality and Factual Entertainment (programmes in which a situation or topic is treated through real-life characters or actors (re-enactment) or programmes which follow real-life characters.)

Entertainment (variety and event show programmes, single or continuing episodes which showcase performing talent.)

The Rose d’Or Awards are orgnised by Eurovision and EBU’s Head of Radio, Christian Vogg said: “Radio is not particularly visible, so presenters and producers work very hard with humour, word play and links to current events and other forms of social media. Ultimately though, radio may enter your ears, but it stays in your head.

“Interest from the radio industry in the Rose d’Or awards is high, with lots of positive feedback received from the Nordic countries and the United Kingdom.”

Selecting the juries to judge the three radio categories will be a significant challenge, Vogg tells us. “Successful radio programmes often play with cultural specialities and rely on listeners understanding the local references, accents or inside jokes,” he says. “Our objective is to develop criterion for judging each entry comparably and fairly, even if it may require a detailed explanation about the show beforehand to put the show into context and need the inclusion of subtitles.

“We also want to reward genuine talent and originality based on a rigorous assessment process, so that the winners in each of the three categories know that they are truly the best in their field and won on their own merits.”

Entries are now open for the awards, with the closing date of 28th March 2014. Finalists in each category will be announced on 19th May, with the awards ceremony being held in Berlin on 17th September 2014.

Posted on Monday, March 3rd, 2014 at 4:45 pm by RadioToday

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