The Revolution in breach for not logging

Ofcom has found 96.2 The Revolution in breach of its licence for not logging output in the months leading up to a change of ownership.

Steve Penk sold the station to Matt Ramsbottom in January, triggering a “change of control” procedure at Ofcom in which a review of the output is required.

Ofcom therefore requested recordings of three days of The Revolution’s output, taken from any time in the four months prior to the change of control.

The outgoing representative of the licence-holding company directed the request to the new owner, as he no longer had access to the audio required following the completion of the acquisition. The new owner of the licence-holding company explained that due to equipment failure there were no logs of output in the three month period prior to the acquisition.

The Revolution told Ofcom there had been an intermittent fault with logging equipment “for some time” during this period, and the previous owners had not notified the new owners of the equipment failure or failure to log output.

Every Ofcom licensed station has to keep its output for 42 days, and because it didn’t, The Revolution got a Breach of Licence recorded.

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