Global's creative team goes to the Fringe

Global is to operate its first Open Studio Sessions at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival later this month.

From August 17th to 22nd, Global’s creative team will establish a pop up studio and creative hub giving brands and agencies access to vocal talents from the festival.

Global says the Open Studio Sessions will serve a dual purpose. For creative agencies, they offer a chance to address a difficult brief, or a demonstration of how best to bring the comedy or a new interpretation to a radio script. For emerging talent, the sessions will open up commercial opportunities and give them a platform to showcase their skills.

Stuart Mays, director of commercial strategy at Global, said: “The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is packed with the world’s best performers, so we are offering creative agencies and clients the chance to tap into this and get a new take on how to make the most of commercial radio. Ultimately it’s about having fun with sound, pushing boundaries and throwing adland and Fringe talent together and seeing what happens!”

Posted on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 at 10:08 pm by RadioToday

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