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JACK listener names baby after radio station

A 107 JACK fm Berkshire listener has named her baby after the radio station and breakfast show presenter Robin Banks.

Lisa Hudson and her husband Trevor spent a long time thinking about names for their son, but suddenly agreed on a name when they got in the car one day and saw the name JACK on the radio display.

When Lisa spoke to JACK’s Robin Banks on his breakfast show she told him; “You guys decided our boy’s name pretty quickly whilst we were driving to Cornwall. When we got in the car, Trevor had to listen to your show and he tuned in the car radio… The dashboard showed the radio tuned to “JACK fm Berkshire”: and we both said in unison, ‘How about Jack?’. Job done!”

And Jack’s middle name is ‘Robin’.

Robin Banks said; “We do some crazy stuff on the show but every so often it’s amazing to throw a normal, lovely story into the mix… being predictably unpredictable has always been my mantra. I’m so happy for Lisa and Trevor and we’ll be keeping an eye on Jack to make sure they’re dragging him up right”.

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