Trouble at SFM as live shows are postponed

Community radio station SFM is currently not broadcasting as per its Key Commitments – with no live programmes on-air.

The station tweeted on Wednesday 5th April to say “Due to essential maintenance work we are unable broadcast LIVE. We will be back soon – sorry for any inconvenience caused. #Sittingbourne”.

Station Manager Pete Fylnn contacted all volunteers at the station to say his contract of employment as Station Manager has expired, and that he is no longer responsible for the day to day running of the radio station. He also requests that nobody contacts him with regards any matters concerning the radio station.

The station should be providing “locally-produced output for a minimum of 13 hours per day”, which excludes automated non-stop music.

SFM is still airing commercials and national news but all live programmes have been cancelled for now, and one source told RadioToday that no volunteers are allowed to enter the building.

Posted on Monday, April 10th, 2017 at 8:20 am by RadioToday

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  1. Stephen Jones says

    hmmm from what is circling around on the gripevine – things are pretty bleak there at the moment with the volunteers totally left in the dark, hurt and angry about what is going on with those in charge refusing point blank to answer any questions about the future of the station. Some have already left, some are wondering if they can take over the licence. A total mess is how it was described to me. Hard to see how it can have any future if they cant even treat their volunteers properly.

  2. david baker says

    quite happy to go in and run it if someone contacts me

  3. Dan Bates says

    So the Station Managers contract hasn’t been renewed by Sittingbourne Community Radio Ltd – the licence holder. A not unknown situation, until you realise that the Station Manager is also one of the directors! With the Station Manager seemingly sacking himself & refusing to have anything more to do with a station he set up its no wonder the poor volunteers haven’t got a clue what’s going on!!! Let’s hope things resolve themselves as SFM is one of the more listenable community stations

  4. Ron says

    I agree – this was very listenable station. Hopefully some deal can be arranged to save this popular service that seemed very rooted in its community.

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