Global launches dozens of new radio services

Global has today launched a new Global Player for Apple devices complete with dozens of brand new music services.

All of Global’s national brands are available, along with new decades “playlists”, streams for driving, working out, dancing and relaxing.

The app automatically finds your local station, but one swipe left and a number of extra services are available, including Gold 60s, Heart 70s, Heart 80s, Heart 90s, Heart 00s, Capital Party, X Amped, Capital Xtra Going Out, Heart Dance, Classic FM Feel Good, Capital Throwback, Smooth Relaxation, and many more. RadioToday counts over 30 new services, each with its own branding.

The extra services also allow users to skip tracks if they don’t like the one they are listening to. And the catch-up service allows users to download programmes for playing offline.

There’s no official word from Global about the App yet, but it’s available from the App Store and via An Android version is coming soon.

We’ll update this story when we hear more about the marketing plans for the app.

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  1. Lee says

    Oh flipping heck, not more narrow playlists from Global!

  2. Owen says

    Obviously Radio Player and TuneIn offers loads more choice, but the skipping tracks option (Ed Sheeran button anyone?) is a nice idea. Wonder if you can skip the ads? Perhaps not.

  3. Says Says Says says

    Skip the ads! THE BEST BITS!! The very idea….

  4. Raymond Woodward says

    What a sad waste of bandwidth.

  5. Radio Geordie says

    Basically, they’ve revived an idea they inherited when they bought GMG.

  6. Neil Murten says

    Why Heart 70s you could have brought back smooth 70s & stuck it on the app

  7. JTB says

    No CarPlay support.

  8. Neil says

    Don’t see the point at 48aac..less stations and better quality if costs cant be met to supply 320aac or mp3 on them

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