Global hires Scarlett Moffatt for Heart show

Scarlett Moffatt is joining Heart as a special guest presenter this Easter.

The former Capital North East and Radio 1 presenter will be on-air for the evening show on Monday 2nd April across the Heart network.

Scarlett is known for Gogglebox and winning I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’ in 2016.

“One of my favourite things to do is to put Heart on in the car and belt tunes out with my mam and little sister, so I am proper excited to be joining the Heart team for the day,” she said. “I’ll be dancing around the studio and singing along to all my favourite feel good tunes so make sure you tune in – it’s going to be loads of fun!”

Scarlett joined BBC Radio 1 to co-host a show with Matt Edmundson earlier this year and was part of the team at Capital North East in 2015/2016.

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  1. Joe Smith says

    “Scarlett is known for Gogglebox and winning I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’ in 2016”

    A very good reason to give her show a miss then.

    1. Nikk says

      I don’t get your point Joe. Googlebox and celebrity are massive shows and Scarlett has a large social media following as a result of her appeal on these. They are all valid reasons why media companies will want to employee her.

      1. Neil says

        Nikk, good points made but unfortunately she still can’t string a sentence together and understood which vital on radio. Her previous broadcasting experience has only been as a co-host.

      2. Mr Boltar says

        Lowest common denominator radio group hires lowest common denominator “personality”. Quelle surprise. Is it any wonder people are moving away from commercial music radio like they would a bad smell. Global has managed to pretty much kill any “local” in local radio these days and now its doing its best to kill anything resembling professionalism and on air talent.

        1. Garry Hedges says

          I couldn’t put it better myself Mr Boltar. It’s cheap and tacky radio for minds that have been brainwashed to be cheap and tacky

      3. Joe Smith says

        See below!

  2. Andy King says

    It seems it is getting to (or got to) the point for all the major radio sta – sorry ‘brands’, where the pre-requisite of acquiriing a programme is to be a cele-br-ity, have been on a re-a-lity show, and/or to be good looking, while having no interest in music whatsoever – all necessary to present on the radio.

    To bastardise a quote Sharon White of Ofcom made last year …those who want to listen to music (or proper presenters) outside the mainstream, should look online.

    Don’t worry I will and have!

  3. David says

    People don’t like well done Global

  4. Terry smith says

    We need more decent djs on heart and proper music 70s and 80s

  5. Dan Dean says

    Forgive me….they are not communicators, they are simply engineers and record everything in advance.
    If Radio One or Two comes to town it is still an occasion, as Big Weekends etc prove with thousands turning up. Global would struggle to fill a village square…because it is not personality led as 1/2 are and are simply seen by people as a music jukebox at the hairdressers….nobody listens to it as they do BBC , because that is not its aim… is a business first and all else comes in sport and everything else. As for local radio….it did not die.. it never took off….all those stations losing money hands over fist only being kept alive by the banks….they were never viable. Had they not been bought by Global and rebranded they would have gone to the wall. All this crap about how great it all was before, from the anorak brigade is complete twaddle. Lost dogs, selling second hand goods, getting tips about your dogs piles from the vet, the livestock report about the price of lamb , and those dreadful one hour news progs between 5 and 6 featuring long drawn out boring IRN clips…and God on Sunday….it was bloody dreadful.

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Odd how a lot of these “never viable” local stations managed to last a few decades then before global bought them. They must have had very generous bank managers.

  6. Peter Griffin says

    Global hire a presenter who is not famous and very cheap to hire

  7. John says

    Dan, UKRD know how to do local radio, certainly in North Yorkshire where I live.

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