Mike Read launches United DJs Radio online


Former Radio 1 Breakfast show presenter Mike Read has officially opened up a new online radio station founded by former Radio Luxembourg presenter Tony Prince.United DJs launched at 7am Monday 2nd April 2018 and has a number of radio presenter who were well known in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

The new station will be run from Tony’s studios in Maidenhead and Tony says the station will be live 24 hours a day.

Tony says: “Just like the Pirate era the people who became DJs out of their love for music will shape United DJs Radio. I also have certain non-DJs with fabulous A&R skills recommending new music. The DJs on UDJ can play just what they like within a format of a 7-decade mix but they must play an element of new music releases. The DJs are in effect their own programme director.

“We are a radio team who are right behind the music industry and hope that our global attitude to streaming radio, will have a positive impact for everyone. At this time we have no interest in FM or DAB and are convinced, the moment the internet streamed into the car radio, the radio once again faces an enormous game changer.”

Tony appeared on the RadioToday Programme to talk about the new venture recently, and you can hear the launch below.

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  1. Alan Hall says

    Welcome to the world of internet radio. Congratulations to all involved, and very well done to Tony Prince too who I did listen to on Caroline North in the 60’s when at boarding school near Castle Douglas. When at home in Glasgow I did tune into Radio Scotland 242 which was a good station as well.
    I also enjoy listening into the Caroline North weekends live from the Ross Revenge. They bring back real memories too. I am involved with Southern Sound Hospital Radio & we broadcast online too at http://www.southernsoundradio.org.uk just click on listen live. All the best for the future. And well done Tony.

  2. Willie Bone says

    First of all, I wish the United DJ Radio venture all the best of luck for the future!
    It’s early days, but I wonder if “The Station Of The Stars” format is still in fashion, as heard on the old Radio Luxembourg service? Fabulous 208 has been closed for a generation and United DJ Radio’s intended listeners may have moved on!
    I occasionally dip into Radio Caroline and Radio Caroline Flashback, so I will tune into United DJ Radio as well! Glad to know that veteran presenter Dave Symonds is part of the team! I remember Dave’s teatime show, back in the late 1960s when BBC Radio One was on 247 metres (1214 kHz)..

  3. David Wiggy Wiggins says

    United DJS Radio
    Their Is No Listen Live Stream Sound Feed And Radio Player
    On Their Face Book Page Their Twitter Page Show Their Web Page

    1. Joe Smith says

      Still on drugs then?

  4. Ciaran Flavin says

    I will listen to this station when i get a chance to. As I dont have a computer at present I will have to wait before listening. I have not heard the name of Paul Burnett featuring on this station, I very much he does as he should still be on mainstream radio .

  5. Nickw says

    How do I download, failed miserably so far

  6. David Roberts says

    The years are just falling away as I listen. Well done everyone!
    Remember those great days at Guinness British Hit Singles, Mike?
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Moira Thomson says

    Listened for the first time this evening. Totally banal. Good idea but not delivering any better sounds than “commercial” radio.

  8. Moira Thomson says

    PS: Back to Sonos….

  9. Chris Morton says

    Hi can you tell me when DLT Will be starting looking forward to hearing him

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