Nation Radio to replace Thames Radio

London digital station Thames Radio is to be rebranded as Nation Radio, ahead of the launch of the brand in Scotland.

Nation Broadcasting has confirmed to RadioToday that Thames will change its name later this month (June) on the London II multiplex.

Thames Radio launched on DAB in the capital in June 2016, with presenters including Neil Fox, Pat Sharp, Tony Blackburn and later Alex Lester, Neil Francis, Martin Buchanan and Dean Martin. In June last year the station went non-stop music and dropped its presenters. All shows have generally been pre-recorded with no physical studio base for the station.

Thames Radio is currently running sweepers that say ‘Nation Radio is coming to London and the South East.’

Martin Mumford, Managing Director of Nation Broadcasting, told RadioToday: “We’ll be rebranding Thames Radio to Nation Radio later this month on London II. Nation Radio across London will be a separate version of Nation Radio in Wales and separate again from Scotland which will launch later in 2018.”

In March this year, Nation bought the as-yet un-launched Glasgow FM licence from Rock Radio Scotland and confirmed it would be launching in the autumn as Nation Radio.

Nation Broadcasting also recently purchased Sun FM in Sunderland from UKRD.

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  1. Joe Smith says

    Just re-brand it as “Pointless Jukebox Radio That No One is Interested In”.

  2. Radio Geordie says

    I hope to God that they leave Sun FM alone.

  3. Radio Geordie says

    On the subject of Nation Radio, I remember when they bought Rock Radio they said that they weren’t going to network from Wales, now they are rebranding Thames Radio as Nation Radio ahead of the Glasgow launch.
    What’s the betting that when the Glasgow service is about to launch, it’ll only be breakfast and drivetime that are local?

  4. Allan Wallace says

    Dean Martin has been consistently entertaining on Thames Radio; let’s hope his show continues.

  5. Adrian says

    Nation Wales is suddenly playing much older music than just a little while ago from the 70’s onwards (before it was 90’s onwards) so maybe this is going to go out on various licences across the country in order to attract a greater number of listeners?.At least it’s different from the music mix somewhere between Heart and Capital we have been getting in recent times.There may be separate versions of Nation but it wouldn’t be surprising if there was a common music log across several It makes off peak networking easier.

  6. BobD says

    Thames was never going to make it. Right from its launch its presenter bill was most likely eye wateringly unsustainable. Dont know who signed off on wherever the money came from for this futile stab at trying to conquer London but they should have gone to Specsavers

  7. Scary says

    The name ‘Thames Radio’ failing again….. I seem to remember Martin Mumford being involved in the first one too

  8. Thatman says

    🎤Just come and fine Thames radio and love it I remember when it was 10.78 now is Jackie but Thames seems be a London station and I love it so when it’s go off then I will go off to and when they got rid off Dj Fox Sharp tony to I was going turn it off then but I keep it on but for sure This time it will go off for me for good I like Thames because it like our old Capital 95.8fm but to me not put back on for a long time now it seams to me they let you have something then take it away from you and Global is killing off them 😡

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