Bauer Media has closed down Sam FM Thames Valley

Bauer Media has quietly closed one of the radio stations it bought recently.

DAB-only Sam FM Thames Valley – which was one of the 27 radio stations Bauer acquired from Celador Radio less than a month ago – is no longer on-air and has been removed from the Sam FM app and website.

Instead, The Breeze has taken over its spot on DAB to match its FM service.

The station started life after JACK fm was replaced by The Breeze on 107FM in 2017. Sam FM Thames Valley shared all programmes with Sam FM South Coast, which is now owned by Nation Broadcasting.

Sam FM is still on-air in Bristol, Swindon and the South Coast, but Bauer has not yet released any details reagarding the future of the brand.

RadioToday’s take

This appears to be a casualty of Bauer taking control of the Celador Radio group and selling some of the stations on to Nation Broadcasting.

The situation at the former Celador broadcasting HQ in Southampton must be a confusing one, with some staff now working for Bauer (albeit in Hold Separate) and some employed by Nation.

Sam FM South Coast provides programmes for the rest of the stations in the Bauer network, but the station providing the network programmes is owned by Nation.

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  1. Jon W says

    And so the decline of the radio industry continues… time to bow down to our corporate overlords of Bauer and Global

    1. mb23 says

      RAJAR indicates a weekly reach of only 3,000 people.

      1. Iven says

        Burger only bought them so they could close them

      2. Jon W says

        Still got to feel for those who lost their jobs though!

        1. Radio Geordie says

          What jobs?
          That service was little more than an automated jukebox.

  2. Winnie says

    Actually, Sam South Coast producing just few weekend shows for network, because SAM FM Bristol/Swindon has local breakfast and producing network drive-time.
    However, The Breeze Southampton provide most of daily network programmes for The Breeze network.

  3. Alan Hall says

    Networking has most definitely destroyed local commercial
    radio stations as we used to know. Shame that Global and Bauer
    are getting rid of our local presenters. Should never be allowed
    at all.
    I do not like the idea of a presenter in London presenting a show in Glasgow.

  4. Ron Dobbyn says

    Was I the only one who liked it when the BBC local stations were networked between 7pm and 10 pm with Georgy Spanswick. It was great to hear what other areas of the country was doing , and great music was played too. Now in London it’s the boring “The Scene” 10 hours a week. The only relief is when football is on. ” The scene ” replaced the excellent local , and very funny.” Jason Rosam show”. I now listen to James Whale on Talk.

    1. David says

      Georgey Spanswick! Yeah, just you

    2. delakota555 says

      Radio Paradise…it’s an internet station. Shhhhhh!

      1. RF Burns says

        Yes, and it is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest stations on the planet.

  5. Ian Scott says

    The article isn’t clear.

    Have they switched off the FM and handed the frequency and licence back to Ofcom?

    1. mb23 says

      They have closed a DAB-only service and replaced it with the Breeze. The FM licence is unchanged.

  6. Michael V says

    That’s an odd move. What’s happened with the 106-106.6 licence? But if they’ve put another service on DAB, then maybe they are playing a different ball game?!

  7. Ray Woodward says

    Hardly a surprise, with a reach of 3000 it was always a family & friends station …

    Hopefully a sign of things to come, as more crap is cut from British commercial radio.

    1. adewils says

      Just because you didn’t listen to it, doesn’t mean its listeners won’t miss it.

  8. Radio Producer says

    Some of the Lincs FM loss leaders will go the same way….

  9. Alan Hall says

    It is really about time that Global and Bauer are ban from
    doing networking as they are destroying our local commercial
    radio stations.
    They should be employing more local presenters therefore
    creating jobs, NOT cutting jobs. Why don’t the unions stand up and
    fight against any more job loses.

    1. Mark says

      Radio staff and especially presenters are mainly freelance or fixed term contract. I expect none are in any trade union.

    2. Sam says

      What unions? lol

  10. peter tankard says

    HI from Peter Tankard in Sheffield. I think what Bauer is doing is very wrong. All there radio stations all sound the same boring. I am very glad radio Caroline is back on air and can be head loud and clear across Sheffield in the daytime on 648KH even on a pocket radio in Sheffield city centre. long live radio Caroline

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