Fifty roles to go across BBC Radio Production and Operations

The BBC is asking for volunteers to take redundancy in its Radio & Music Production and Operations department to help cut 50 jobs.

The roles will go from a workforce of 706 people working in locations including Salford, Birmingham and London.

But production teams for Radio 1, 1Xtra, the Asian Network, and 6 Music will not be affected, staff have been told in an email on Friday afternoon.

The Ops department has been asked to release savings to meet corporate efficiency targets and to reinvest in the key strategic objective of attracting more young listeners and viewers to BBC services over the next two years.

They’ve been told to address the costs which have been rising faster than income.

This is all part of the savings required by all BBC stations towards the £800m needed by the BBC by 2021/2022.

A two-year plan will now commence within the BBC to modernise Production, reduce hierarchies, increase collaboration between teams, devolving decision making and further driving up productivity.

As part of that process, the BBC is bringing together drama teams across England in a single unit.

On the proposed changes to BBC Radio and Music Production, a BBC Radio spokesperson told RadioToday: “Across the organisation we are making savings in order to meet the financial challenges the BBC faces. The proposed changes will deliver savings without reducing the number of production hubs around England or the range of high quality content that the teams produce for and pitch to BBC Radio. We hope to avoid compulsory redundancies.”

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  1. Neal says

    Totally guarantee they will be zero reductions in the “hierarchies” it will be those who are in relative terms underpaid and need their jobs. The BBC have not reduced big headed management in years because they have made themselves untouchable! Look no further than the two responsible for all the recent Radio 2 upheaval! Who else in the real world out there would still have their jobs if they had done the equivalent?!

    1. Radio Geordie says

      Guarantee you that most of the “savings” will go on Claudia Winkleman & Paddy MacGuiness’ wages.

  2. Bob Sutton says

    I really don’t understand the thinking behind this latest round of cuts/redundancies, voluntary or not voluntary!
    Surely among the staff working in production at the BBC there is a pool of talent to produce promotions for radio and music. But no, what happens, it gets contracted out to outside production companies, who are not cheap by any means. Those outside production companies will then hire singers, musicians and it has been known, whole orchestras (have a look on YouTube “making jingles for radio 2”). The BBC has its own orchestra, singers and alike. Plus it has the studios, producers and top of the range equipment to produce very high quality production promos.
    It’s not rocket science, come on BBC pool your own resources and talent and make it work for you, and reap the awards.
    If the top bods can’t do the job, then move aside and I’ll come in and show you how! and by the way, I’m not cheap or expensive either!

  3. Barbara says

    The heads of Radio 2 should be first in the firing line. Their cack-handed solution to address gender imbalance was a bit rich coming from the all white male management.

  4. Radio Producer says

    “A two-year plan will now commence within the BBC to modernise Production, reduce hierarchies, increase collaboration between teams, devolving decision making and further driving up productivity”

    The last three lines of this make fascinating reading…. The Beeb hierarchies have been there since the year dot, and no amount of number crunching will dilute or reduce them…. These people have carved out a nice cushy number for themselves, and no one is going to get near enough to them to do anything about it….. As for modernising production, you only had to watch the R2 ‘Danceathon’ last week to see all the producers and assistants scurrying around, button pushing and paper shuffling….. That’s where all the money is wasted… The days when talent simply walk in, present the show, and then walk out again should have been junked years ago…

    1. Joe Smith says

      Or in other words …

      “A two-year plan will now commence within the BBC to ensure all senior management are insulated from any possible changes to their positions, salaries and pensions”

  5. Roger Bourne says

    For some reason the BRITISH BROADCASTING COMPANY (BBC) has always thought of itself as a WORLD Broadcasting company and to this end has felt obliged to broadcast and have outlets around the world. No other company wastes money like this on trying to be all things to all people. They get £ 150+ from every house hold in the UK and still can’t make a profit? while the rest of the world get it for free! They say they won’t take advertising but their joining links from programme to programme are just as noisy, flashing and annoying as any commercial station. The only way out is to not watch but then what are we paying the licence fee for? Why do they cling to the ‘dirty dozen’ or so overpaid presenters ( on Radio as well) when there is lots of new and fresh talent that would be much better value.

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