Listener sends letter to radio station after death

A listener to BBC Radio Solent’s Breakfast in Dorset programme recently arranged for a letter to be sent to the team after he died.

The listener, known as John from Weymouth, wrote a note to “all the team” thanking them for their show and hoping they continue for many years to come.

Steve Harris, presenter of Breakfast in Dorset – an opt-out from BBC Radio Solent on weekday mornings – posted a photo of the card on social media.

The letter said:

“To All the Team:

When you read this card I will have departed from this earth.

Just a message to thank all of you for all your programmes, full of local interest, news, travel, weather, interviews, brain teasers, music, plus more general world news and sport since you started in July 2013.

I hope your coverage will continue for many years to come.

Thanks for everything, from John xxx.”

Steve Harris said: “Well, this has knocked our socks off at BBC Radio Solent. One of our most faithful listeners organised for a card to be sent to us after his death…”

BBC Radio Solent newsreader Charlotte Foot also tweeted: “I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t shed more than a few tears at this today. Every Christmas, every Easter – John would always remember. Even my wedding day. You’ve touched our lives John as much as it seems we touched yours. Thank you for being there.”

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  1. Radio Geordie says

    Who said the power of ‘local’ radio is dead?

  2. Willie Bone says

    Know what? The affectionate content of John’s letter, posted to BBC Radio Solent, will probably never be matched by any viewer’s correspondence with a television station! Viewers like good telly, but listeners ❤love good radio❤..

  3. Andy thompson says

    So sad john john is no longer with us… it’s so lovely he took the time before he passed to share what a difference the presenters/radio show made to his life! What a connection! Shows the power of radio… a lovely thing to do.. r.i.p john 📻❤

  4. PC in Spain says

    Spencer Payne you old cynic.

    I guess listening to BBC local radio has gone up rather than down recently, Global have not helped.

    Mental note to self: retune to Solent to see what its like and see whats what. The piwer of internet radio

    1. DELL says

      Takes you back to the days of radio Caroline in the north sea when a D J really cared about the people they were talking to

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