Bauer launches seven new streaming radio services

Seven new brand extension radio services from KISS, Kerrang! and heat have launched online today from Bauer.

KISS has launched three new online channels; KISS DNCE, KISS Garage and KISS Ibiza.

Kerrang! Radio launches Klassic Kerrang! Radio and Kerrang! Radio Unleashed,

And heat Radio has unveiled heat Radio School Disco and heat Radio Soundtracks.

KISS has also launched a new monthly podcast in association with The Prince’s Trust entitled ‘KISS Life: Let’s Talk About’. This new series explores a number of issues that face young people today.

Here’s all the information we have on the new services from Bauer:

KISS DNCE – A new station from KISS that purely focuses on the latest dance bangers, with nothing but the freshest releases and the biggest club fillers out there.

KISS Garage – With over 20 years of history, the impact and influence of UK Garage is still felt today. As original pioneers, KISS bring you this dedicated station devoted to the sound and scene of UKG. You’ll hear everything from classic tracks and the sub-genres of 2step and funky, to the latest Garage-influenced drops from newer artists.

KISS Ibiza – Whether you’re re-living your Ibiza experience, or simply wanting those white isle vibes at home, we’ve got the biggest tunes from the best DJs 24/7. Brought to you by the station that started it all on the island, KISS Ibiza is your ultimate party soundtrack.

Klassic Kerrang! Radio – This station celebrates classic tracks from the past 20 years of the alternative rock scene. A 24/7 hit of nostalgia for fans of pop punk, pop rock, nu metal and more, you’ll find seminal tracks such as Green Day’s “Basket Case”, Limp Bizkit’s “Rollin’ and KoRn’s “Freak on a Leash”.

Kerrang! Radio Unleashed – If you like it heavy you will love Kerrang! Radio’s Unleashed. Expect the darker side of Kerrang! unleashed every day with tracks from metal titans such as Metallica, Slipknot and Rammstein to new music from the likes of I Prevail, Venom Prison and Code Orange.

heat Radio School Disco – Home to all your favourite school disco anthems. Relive your holiday memories with Ibiza bangers, hear your Eurovision favourites, plus the biggest boy and girl bands on the planet. Vengaboys, Blue, Girls Aloud, Gina G are just some of the artists featured, and from time to time they’ll slow it down for the behind the bike shed smoochie songs.

heat Radio Soundtracks – Playing the songs from heat Radio’s favourite movies and TV show, including Frozen, Bridget Jones, Friends. This station is a place for Miley Cyrus when we knew her as Hannah and when Jessica Simpson was wearing her Daisy Dukes.

Dee Ford CBE, Group Managing Director for Bauer Radio said: “Anticipating consumer behaviour informs our content and distribution strategy. It’s exactly what has underpinned the roaring success of KISSTORY. The new digital station launches and KISS podcast provide even greater choice for our audiences who seek more from the brands they love.

“Creating an even deeper more tailored listening experience, they also provide exciting new opportunities for advertisers seeking highly engaged valuable audiences.”

RadioToday’s take

There appear to be a few duplicate services here, either that or Bauer is going very very niche with its new services.

Whilst KISS DNCE looks like a reaction to Heart Dance, the service will actually play the latest dance bangers, putting it more up against its own KISS and KISS FRESH.

Also, heat and Kerrang! are two of Bauer’s less loved brands, so to launch brand extensions for these stations seems odd. A more obvious choice would be for Magic to operate a station with music from stage and screen, and for Hits Radio to run high school disco hits – which itself seems to be similar to KISS IBIZA.

Then there’s the addition of two more rock stations, joining Absolute Radio, Absolute Classic Rock, Planet Rock and Kerrang! Radio.

But these are online only, and if they can attract even more people to the Bauer house, it’s a smart way to introduce them to the rest of the family.

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  1. Mark Jarvis says

    Welcome news for those who like that kind of stuff,i would love to hear a revival of the old Melody Radio which morphed into Magic-real easy listening from the likes of Shirley Bassey,Matt Monroe, Bert Kampfaert etc and Scala Extra- whole classic works played by the worlds greatest orchestras-As Scala do on Bank Holidays-starting each hour with whole Classical Works. And maybe a Classic Jazz station ?

    1. Pat says

      yeah,spot on!,even Mellow Magic has morphed into Magic Lite-what I mean is what Magic was before the latest transformation where it now has lot’s of 80’s hits and celebs,Yes Mellow Magic is softer BUT what we don’t have is an easy listening station like Melody was.

    2. John Copping says

      If you want an easy listening station then I would recommend Serenade Radio, very similar to the old Melody Radio and Saga Radio. It also has presenters. Can be found on Tunein.

    3. John Copping says

      If you would like an easy listening station I would recommend Serenade Radio, very similar to Melody Radio and Saga Radio It also has presenters. Can be found on Tunein or go straight to their website.

  2. T1 says

    Radio today – Bauer national work very separate to Bauer hits radio, so using the hits radio brand was never going to be an option for this project.

  3. Ted says

    What happened to quality not quantity

    1. Ian Chambers says

      Couldn’t agree more. Quality constantly diluted in radio.

  4. Dave says

    All these brand exstentions from the likes of bauer & Globel. My guess a lot of these will end up filling up the small scale DAB multiplexs in the future.

  5. Ian Scott says

    Not on TuneIn they won’t.

    Every radio station on the planet has been pulled off TuneIn overnight.

    1. mb23 says

      It’s a fault apparently, not a deliberate policy. They are working on it.

    2. Ian Chambers says

      Ian – technical problems at TuneIn apparently

      1. Almorr says

        I am listening to a station on Tunein now, must have been a tech fault, nevertheless the BBC stations on Tunein are coming off that platform soon in the UK.

  6. david worth says

    Why not classic country

  7. Ian Scott says

    I’d expect some of these new niche stations to start appearing on Bauer owned DAB multiplexes.

  8. Adrian says

    I abhor the cutting back and closing of local commercial stations and then all these new rather unnecessary stations being set-up,hardly any of which are aimed at the older population who are also now being largely disowned by the BBC.

  9. Mr Boltar says

    Who actually listens to streaming radio. If I’m online I’ll just listen to youtube or something else where I get to choose the tracks. Radio is about the people, not just the music. If these services are just a computer with a net connection then whats the point?

    1. Simon P says

      If you want a good streaming rock station, try Primordial Radio run by the guys from the ill-fated Team Rock.

    2. Foxy says

      If you don’t not necessary meaning everyone else don’t.

  10. Almorr says

    I am listening to a station on Tunein now, must have been a tech fault, nevertheless the BBC stations on Tunein are coming off that platform soon in the UK.

    1. mb23 says

      They are coming off on 30 August.

  11. DiandalScotland says

    Instead of adding more repetitive stations they should be concentrating on their current stations. Will we see these stations being crammed into dab+ in the near future?
    As for TuneIn, I gave up on that along time ago. Use Audials now. Much better.

  12. Radio Geordie says

    That’s all we need isn’t it?
    More stations with narrow, heavily-rotated playlists.
    No doubt some of these will end up on DAB at some point.

  13. Alex says

    There is a clear reason these have been created and not for audience demand. As most have stated, duplicate services which serve no real relevance and are online only.

    They need these services for InStream to give them a wider portfolio of inventory to sell.

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