Dave Brown exits Smooth Radio after 15 years

Ahead of network changes at Smooth Radio, one of the station’s longest-serving presenters has left.

Dave Brown joined the London station (when it was known as Jazz FM) in 2004 shortly after it was purchased by GMG Radio, and just before it was rebranded to Smooth FM.

He was originally Head of Presentation and worked on-air and off-air at the station until Global took over and moved it to Leicester Square, making him redundant. Dave returned days later as a presenter to host overnights and has been on-air since.

A Smooth Radio spokesperson told RadioToday: “Dave Brown has left Smooth at the end of his contract. He has been a terrific member of the on-air team and we’d like to thank him for all his hard work over the years.”

Dave started in radio at Radio Tees before moving to Radio Broadland when it launched in 1984, and has also worked at BBC Radio Suffolk, Radio Norfolk, KLFM and Real Radio Wales.

Next week will see the end of regional Drive shows on Smooth Radio as Angie Greaves starts a national show.

Weekend overnights, previously hosted by Dave Brown, are currently showing as non-stop music but news of a replacement is expected soon.

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  1. Joe Smith says

    Another proper radio presenter goes whilst we await another Z-list celebrity to be employed.

    1. James says

      O dear o dear o dear

      Another good presenter yes agree with the comments about z list celebrities

  2. Mark says

    Dave enjoyed your style of presenting over wknd nights for the last 5 yrs. After c ming home from the pub sat nights lark rise winton dorset. Yes from a previous coment why do all gòod presenters go . Heres my prediction pual hollins wknds over nights. Emmon kelly weekday nights lol. Wknd breakfast margerita taylor.
    If im right i did well at guessing.

    Chérrs dave

    Enjoy your reteriment you derseve it.

    Mark borland

    1. Lord Reith says

      Mark. Didn’t you work on a radio station in Surrey once? If I am correct you’ve also work on most of the south coast HBA’s from Winchester to Dorchester?

  3. Craig Strong says

    Awful news!
    When will these dreadful groups stop ripping radio apart?

  4. Paul Swift says

    Dreading the next few weeks when my local Radio station goes from a Hit Music station to Smooth. Really done your homework their Global. Could have changed it to Capital at least. RIP Connect Peterborough. The music on Smooth hasn’t changed for years. So drabby and repetitive.

    1. mb23 says

      Unfortunately Connect was losing so much money that it couldn’t have continued as an independent. It’s a fair point that they could have introduced Capital to Northants.

    2. James says

      Joust the same as magic but different name

  5. John Craigen says

    And another ones gone

  6. John says

    If only if had the money I would setup a station for the People and not just share holders. I live in Bristol and unfortunately Gwr took over one station after another and done a lot of network programmes. This has started the decline of local radio.

  7. Dan Dean says

    Problem is John….your station for the people would not get off the ground because it would be an anorak station aimed at other anoraks, radio is a business and always has been, apart from the 70’s when it had no real competition and was printing it’s own revenue it has always lost money hand over fist . The reason Global are successful unlike all those stations that they saved from oblivion is that it gives the public what it wants and makes money. Punters could not care less where “what they are listening to comes from”…it is why most people listen to Radio One and Two…based in London and did so during those so called golden days of radio, because most punters thought local radio was crap, the only ones who thought otherwise were the DJ’s and their anorak friends…..everything today sounds bigger and better..more polished and professional…it’s a package and listeners want professionalism in everything .. they don’t want something precocial presented by Steve from down the road with a speech impediment , they want big names they know……it is the same scenario as to why the High St is dead….people want to park and shop not go from shop to shop….it is the World we live in.

    1. James says

      That is a bit harsh but I see where John is coming from good local radio is effectively dead

    2. Neal says

      And compared to the likes of Roger Scott Kenny Everett Robbie Vincent Bob Harris Johnnie Walker John Peel to name just six they all sound shit. Could not give a toss about what they play no connection with the audience just Global puppets playing the same repetitive crap day in day out. Get some people want that but please don’t insult people who really miss quality DJs who cared about the music they played and the audience that listened to them and for Christ sake stop saying its what people want. The only reason they think the current crap is brilliant is they have never heard a proper DJ just a bunch of celebrities who only care about the money as do the people that employ them. Your Steve down the road comment is really below the belt! Go visit the Roger Scott tribute website and listen to a master at work. 30 years since he died this October and all his programmes on that site still show most radio today in this country to be the pile of crap it actually is. So sick of being told to get with the times. Today’s UK FM radio is shit. Polished and professional my arse. Dull safe boring repetitive mind numbing and now to cap it all PC compliance has to rule too as if the likes of Global have not made it all bad enough already!! Stop bad mouthing people who want quality radio they are as entitled to be able to listen to that type of station as you are to listen to Heart et all.Just imagine going to thst supermarket of yours and all the shelves full of only one product that you hated and nothing else!! Be happy would you? I doubt it!

  8. Will says

    Dave was the best on Smooth spoke to listeners. This is a really big loss for Smooth

  9. T1 says

    Dan,. Unfortunately radio anoraks won’t listen to your sensible comments. They just want to create radio for themselves and not real markets. I don’t listen or like some of the global stations, but I fully understand why they exist and the markets they are for.

  10. Keyshore says

    I think Dave thinks it’s time for a change and is ready to head over to Bauer presumably Magic. I wonder why Dave didn’t get a chance to bid his listeners farewell for the last time.

  11. Tom Blueberry says

    Now that Dave Brown has departed Smooth. Magic have a chance to either get rid of their early breakfast show with Paul Hayes, as it’s voice tracked or put a live DJ in, DB would be perfect. 1-6 or even 4-6am.

  12. ciaran flavin says

    I first heard dave brown on radio kent in 1986. It is a shame he has left overnights at the weekend but I do hope we will see him on something like BBC local radio soon. His contract had come to an end, so one cannot really argue with Global. However if they decide to hire another presenter for the 1-6am slot, why not re-employ Dave? He did bring in a some personality to the show which other presenters do not have at Smooth.

    1. Joe Smith says

      That’s the trouble. He was making the other presenters seem even worse than they were by being so much better than them so he had to go.

    2. Mike Rose says

      That was a different Dave Brown

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