Smooth Radio poaches Angie Greaves for national Drive

Smooth Radio is changing tactics and keeping its regional breakfast shows, as Magic’s Angie Greaves joins Global to present a national drivetime show.

The UK’s biggest radio group had planned to network everything except the 4-7pm slot on Smooth as it has done with Capital – and is about to with Heart, which launches its national breakfast show next week. But now Global says breakfast shows on Smooth will be locally-produced as the drive show goes national instead.

Ashley Tabor OBE, Founder & Executive President at Global, told RadioToday: “At Global, we pride ourselves on doing the right thing for the long term, no matter what. After further consideration and listening to more feedback, both internal and external, we came to the conclusion that keeping Breakfast local, and taking Drive national, is actually the right fit for Smooth. Yes it’s a change in strategy for Smooth, but we believe it’s the right one. We are absolutely delighted to welcome one of the nation’s most successful AC radio presenters, Angie Greaves, to host the brand-new show.”

Angie currently presents the 2-5pm slot on Magic as well as doing the breakfast show on Bauer sister station Magic Soul. She previously worked at Capital in the 1980s before spells at Spectrum and Choice FM. The Smooth Drive Home job marks a return to the 102.2FM frequency for Angie, as she had a brief spell on mid-mornings at Jazz FM London in 2005. She’s also presented for LBC, BBC Local Radio and recently has filled in on the Good Morning Sunday slot on Radio 2.

Leaving Magic after 12 and a half years to join Global in the autumn, Angie says: “To be approached to present The Smooth Drive Home, especially as the show launches across the nation, is an absolute honour for me. I am really looking forward to joining Smooth, which is going from strength-to-strength, at such an important time in the station’s history and I can’t wait to get started.”

Sam Jackson, Managing Editor of Smooth Radio, said: “The national breakfast marketplace is ever more competitive, with lots of new shows competing for listeners’ time and attention. We believe there’s a real opportunity to ‘own’ the Drive slot on Smooth, where audiences across the UK are currently underserved, as well as offer a fantastic national show that firmly rivals what’s on offer elsewhere. What’s more, given Angie’s proven success on a variety of stations over the last two decades, it makes complete sense to take The Smooth Drive Home nationwide. We are delighted to welcome Angie to Smooth.”

The Smooth brand airs on Global’s FM stations in London, the West Midlands, Scotland and the Lake District – along with Communicorp UK stations covering the East Midlands, the North West and North East. Global also operates Smooth on AM and DAB around the UK.

RadioToday’s take
Global has clearly taken note of some of the feedback about its wholesale changes to breakfast shows across its Heart and Capital brands, and has identified an opportunity to maintain locally-produced breakfast shows on the Smooth stations – the biggest of which, such as the North West licence, are operated by Communicorp UK.

Hiring Angie from Magic is a good move to attract new listeners – she’s a popular voice in London and has been over many years on Capital, Choice, Magic and others. She’s been doing national shows on Magic for a few years too.

RadioToday understands the existing Smooth breakfast presenters around the country will stay on, with local drive hosts leaving when Angie takes over the networked show in the autumn.

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  1. Stephen Hall says

    This feels like multiple changes in strategy. Hiring an actual radio presenter to attract an audience, rather than putting headphones on a tv celebrity. Refreshing!!

  2. Kish says

    Wow looks like Smooth really now has most of the magic presenters. I wonder who’ll take over Angie’s Show on Magic. So i assume Gary King is staying where he is.

  3. Radio Geordie says

    Not the least bit surprised. I said this months back before any of the changes happened that it wasn’t written in stone that it had to be the drivetime show had to be local.

    1. John says

      I was convinced it would be toby on smooth breakfast

  4. Neil says

    Angie can play the dreadful Eternal Flame Bangles now on smooth Drive 4-7pm 365 days of the year instead of 2-5pm on magic. What I finds amazing is people get absorbed by this.

  5. Joe Smith says

    More reason to listen to Magic now then.

  6. neal says

    Obviously don’t want what they consider any serious opposition to their new networked breakfast show on Heart! A possible indication of how worried they are or how weak they think their new breakfast show may fare on a national level?!


    What about the Wales opt out? is that going or moving slot?

    1. mb23 says

      It’s staying, Ofcom didn’t change the AM rules and 4 hours must come from Wales. They could hand back the AM licences if they want, there are no local hours needed for DAB.

  8. Will says

    Did not see this coming

    1. David says

      Smooth Northwest is the biggest commercial station outside of London listener wise. Removing the breakfast show from the best performing station in the network would have been a bad move.
      The listening figures it has would in itself make keeping things as they are now more than viable, they won’t of course.

      Smooth is for an older target audience it’s listeners traditionally are people with spending power that is attractive for advertisers. Also with only one or two site changes/closures at small scale, it would be far easier to change course in the future if the changes prove unpopular.

      Heart on the other hand is being changed on a massive scale with multiple site closures and station mergers making any wriggle room for long term almost impossible if things go badly. It’s a big big gamble for Global, short term lots of financial gain, long term only the future Rajars will have the answer.

      1. Will says

        Darren Parks on national breakfast would have been a good move as well. He was also on the network in December so could have been testing out.

        1. T1 says

          He’s not a big name like Amanda Holden or Jamie Theakston. I doubt if he would ever be a national breakfast DJ.

    2. mb23 says

      Apparently Davina McCall was offered national breakfast but they couldn’t agree terms with her.

  9. iven says

    global dont care long team about radio only about destroying it

    1. T1 says

      The opposite is true. Global have not destroyed LBC. They have been the most successful company in making sure such stations have a long term feature and ensuring they keep popular presenters such as Nick Farrari, Steven Allen, Eddie Mair and Nick Abbott. No other owner as kept LBC for as long.

    2. Tracey Snelling says

      Sad that we in the North West are loosing Carlos on the Smooth North West Drive home slot. Bye bye Smooth Radio.

  10. DaveWIGGYWIGGINS says

    I Hope Bauer Media Will Now Replace Angie Greaves And Get This Well Known Presenter
    David Kid Jensen Or Colin Berry Or Charles Nove On To The Magic Afternoon Show On From 2Pm Till 5Pm On Magic That Would Be Good Now

    1. Joe Smith says

      ThAt SoUnDs AbSoLuTeLy AwFuL.

    2. Tom Berry says

      They should shift Tom Price to afternoons from weekend breakfast as it’s well suited for him because he talks way too much for a breakfast show and would gain better audience in an afternoon show whereas a breakfast show, where he is too shouty and rambles about stuff which is least interesting first thing in the morning.

  11. Kish says

    If Magic make changes to their schedule now that Angie is leaving then I think Richard Allinson should get the breakfast gig, Harriet Scott gets drive and perhaps Olly Mann to replace Angie as he’s covered for her in the past . And if they can get Russ Williams to host the weekend breakfast show that would be a strong lineup for Magic.

    1. mb23 says

      Russ Williams is working for Wireless these days.

      1. Kish says

        It would be nice to have him on Magic I believe that’s the only station he hasn’t worked at .

  12. Ray says

    “At Global, we pride ourselves on doing the right thing for the long term, no matter what.”


  13. Tom says

    Shame to see Magic are losing Angie. They’ll need to replace her with somebody equally as good

  14. Ali bozdag says

    She’s great

  15. Alan says

    R.I.P. Smooth Radio north west drivetime and biggest mistake ever Global Radio shame on you.

    Renationalise local radios

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