West Sound to end local radio shows in Dumfries & Galloway

West Sound in Dumfries & Galloway will no longer broadcast a local breakfast show starting on the 2nd of September.

Ewan Cameron, already broadcasting across the rest of the Greatest Hits Radio network in Scotland, will replace Kenny Campbell who started hosting the show in April following Tommy Jardine’s retirement.

Drive will also be networked, as Drive with Gina McKie replaces Michael Smith on Drive.

Gary Stein, Group Programme Director for the Hits Radio Brand Networks said: “We’re excited to bring these highly acclaimed shows to Dumfries.

“Delivering compelling content is our priority and this means that West Sound listeners in the area can now enjoy programming which includes the multi-award-winning Ewen Cameron’s Breakfast Show, all coupled with the local news, traffic and travel and other local information important to them.”

West Sound is one of three stations broadcasting on FM in the Greatest Hits Network, along with Liverpool and West Midlands in England. It can be heard in Dumfries and Ayr on 97FM, 103FM in Kirkcudbright and the Machars and 96.5FM in Stranraer.

Sister station, West Sound in Ayrshire, already takes national programming 24/7.

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  1. Michael Plevin says

    They are now excited to end the Dumfries & Galloway breakfast show, and in the Orwellian corporate waffle everything about losing things and getting less is amazing. At least the networking stops at Scotland and it becomes a national Scottish station, it would be even more awful to lose output and have it just come from England as well.

    1. Radio Geordie says

      Give it time.

      1. mb23 says

        In their consultation submission Bauer suggested that their licences should state that all daytime output is to come from Scotland, but Ofcom rejected this. They have also hired a head of content for Hits Radio Scotland.

        That tells you that they don’t intend networking with England.

    2. Ian says

      It’s sad to see yet another service which was set up to be local being replaced by networking. Soon, all Bauer services will be national, not even regional – I wonder how ‘excited’ messers Stein and Bryce will be when their jobs become no longer viable!!

      1. MF O'Connor says


    3. Mr Boltar says

      “in the Orwellian corporate waffle everything about losing things and getting less is amazing”

      The insulting thing is that these PR clowns seem to think everyone else is dumb enough to believe their self serving drivel. Plus its a stab in the back for the ex-host too.

      If they were up front and honest and said that regretfully due to financial circumstances etc etc people wouldn’t treat these companies with such contempt.

  2. Doonhamer says

    The station cant be received on 97FM in Ayr, just Dumfries. Very different places.

  3. West FM'er says

    Gary Stein’s quote reads like something hilarious from W1A. Only that programme is funny.

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Unfortunately the sort of people W1A was spoofing are too stupid to get the joke. A bit like Ali G back in the day.

  4. Jonathan Hall says

    What a disgrace no longer will our “local “ radio be “local”. I for one will no longer tune in as it will be about everywhere else and no longer relavent!!!!

    1. mb23 says

      They still have to provide local news, weather & travel for D & G under the terms of the licence.

      That licence has been able to share everything with Glasgow for about ten years, ever since Ofcom made it part of the “Glasgow & the West” approved area. It’s surprising that Bauer have waited this long.

  5. Willie Bone says

    The really sad bit of this story is local staff & presenters actually love radio with a strong passion, all for a peppercorn income, generally! Their passion resonates with their listeners, viewing local radio personalities as their friends! The sad demise of Independent Local Radio is not even based on the lack of an appreciative audience, but ruthless cost cutting to boost profits by big conglomerates and to hell with the rest of us!

    1. Radio Geordie says

      If local people object that strongly, then they could set up a Community Radio service to cover the area. It is possible to cover the same area of West Sound FM under the term ‘exceptional circumstances’.
      I know this as a fact as a few years back, a company in Wales applied for, and were awarded, a Community Radio licence to cover the whole of Ceredigion (an area similar in size to the commercial operation in the area).
      The only reason it didn’t launch was due to lack of money.

      1. Dave Macfarlane says

        West Sound has a rich heritage in Dumfries and Galloway and it’s sad that Bauer don’t appear to appreciate the commercial value of this. It remains to be seen whether listeners and advertisers will continue to exercise the same level of goodwill.

        Our local community station has operated in Dumfries for over 10 years, and with a new board recently in place we are looking at how we can best fill the gap left by West Sound. Whilst our resources remain comparatively modest, we’re encouraged by how much people in this area value local radio and look forward to welcoming new listeners, talent and advertisers to our family.

  6. Owen says

    Fair enough, but why don’t they just call if Greatest Hits Scotland? Misleading to pretend West Sound Still exists. Ditto TFM, Viking etc. in England – just make them The Hits. I guess it will happen before long.

  7. Maggi says

    Just a shame it can only be heard in a few places in D&G.

  8. Lee says

    What planet is Gary Stein on!

  9. Lee says

    I woiud be really excited if Mr Stein lost his job!

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