Smooth Radio regional Breakfast presenters confirmed

Smooth Radio is launching its national Drive show with Angie Greaves this week as a number of regional presenters leave the network.

The brand will keep the majority of its current breakfast presenters with just one moving from Drive to Breakfast.

Global (and Communicorp) previously announced Breakfast would be networked at some point this year, but later changed strategy to network Drive instead.

Therefore, last week saw final regional Drive shows for Clive Warren (north east), John Mellis (Glasgow), Charlie Jordan (west midlands), Ian Brannan (east midlands), and Tim Littlechild (Lakes).

Carlos, host of the north west drive show, presented his last show on 16th August before taking two weeks Leave. He’s now doing Breakfast on Heart 70s.

John Pye, who hosted Smooth (and Lakeland) Radio breakfast, is no longer on a daily show as Tim Littlechild moves from Drive.

Connect FM, which has plans to rebrand as Smooth Radio in the near future, is still operating as usual.

So as Angie take over Drive, the breakfast presenters on the Smooth network are:

  • East Midlands: Gareth Evans
  • West Midlands: Nigel Freshman
  • London: Gary King
  • North East: Steve Colman
  • North West: Darren Parks
  • Scotland: John McCauley
  • Lake District: Tim Littlechild

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  1. Mark budgen says

    Why bother haven’t any talent? Just have your dull repetitive music and then a google saying THIS IS SMOOTH. FROM GLOBAL. And back to the monotony that Ashley Tabor has turned radio into.

    1. Mark budgen says

      Haven’t = having

  2. Paul Swift says

    It’s all absolute garbage. No local radio left in Peterborough now, we are on wind down now on Connect Fm. It’s been playing the same tracks for weeks getting us ready for Smooth ! Do any of you know if RDS will be joined with Waltham so we don’t have to retune every 5 minutes when driving from Peterborough to Kettering ? Currently it’s a separate service !

  3. Joe Smith says

    Global = redundancies

  4. john88 says

    Thank God we have Nation Radio in Wales,stopped listening to Fart FM radio when it took over from Real Radio Crapitol with their 20 tracks played over and over no talent on the both stations looks like ITV celebs taken over the airways

  5. Bob says


  6. Liam Forristal says

    I can completely see how media groups can see cash to be made by cutting costs and centralising. Its not new. Kelvin McKenzie had a bash at this with TLRC if you remember.

    I do feel for senior group directors who see stations bleeding cash with poor sales and thinking we need to get a grip on this. After all, they have had years of under investment driven by venture capital demands for a quick fix.

    The thing is years from now when they look back at the vanishing audiences and long term revenue losses they will blame it all on streaming and 5G. Then the perpetrators will get a knighthood.

    I worked for several little local stations that would pull in over £100k a month
    Global can’t manage that with some regional stations.

    This isn’t to do with new technology. Its the result of a long term squeeze resulting an absence of content worth listening to.

    Reducing the cost to the bare minimum is an attractive short term gain. Long term the product suffers and the customer goes elsewhere.

    I promise you when we look back in ten years. New local players on new platforms will be making networks from Global and Bauer look old and tired.
    Reminds me of the way medium wave went.

    Its always darkest before the dawn I am sure this is just a dip in the fortunes of local radio. It will return in a different way just as local social media groups have filled the void left by local newspapers.

    1. mb23 says

      When you worked for the little local stations that were pulling in £100k a month that was probably before 50 DAB stations started broadcasting in their patch, a lot of them automated jukeboxes with a low cost base. That’s where the audience and revenue has gone.For example, why would Global’s Gold employ more presenters when their audience is at a record high from just playing music from a computer outside of breakfast?

      Quidem had some great little local stations, there was nothing wrong with the content but even they have had to throw in the towel after losing another £200k last year.

      The old local radio and regional ITV are not coming back unless we pretend that digital and the internet doesn’t exist. In 2019 people can get their local news & travel from Twitter.

  7. Allan Wallace says

    Whilst it is unfortunate that local presenters have had to move on, I must say that Angie Greaves is sounding great on Smooth Drive.

  8. Stuart O. says

    Smooth Extra seems a waste of time, money and bandwidth. I looked at the playlist for both Smooth Radio and Smooth Extra and it looks like the only time Smooth Extra is different from Smooth Radio is between 10am-7pm weekdays and 10am-6pm Sunday (presumably also 10am-6pm Saturdays too) which is automated without presenters. Would’ve been better to have ditched Smooth Extra, replace it with Smooth Chill on Digital 1 and added Smooth Country on regional multiplexes WITHOUT replacing GOLD.

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