Rhod Sharp to leave 5 Live after 26 years Up All Night

BBC Radio 5 Live overnight presenter Rhod Sharp, who’s been with the station since its launch in 1994, is to leave early next year.

Rhod hosts Up All Night on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and has done the show from his home in Marblehead, Massachusetts for the last 12 years.

We’re told he’s going to work on new projects inside and outside the BBC and that his last programme will be in March 2020. Rhod has tweeted that he will no longer be paid to stay ‘Up All Night’ after 2nd April next year.

Rhod Sharp said: “Everything has its season. It’s just that some seasons are longer than others. To our wonderful listeners, I would like to say thank you and the show will go on.”

Heidi Dawson, controller of BBC Radio 5 Live, said: “Rhod is a 5 Live legend. In 25 years of broadcasting, he has defined overnight radio in this country. We will miss him and wish him well for the future.”

A replacement for Rhod will be announced in the New Year. Dotun Adebayo currently presents the programme on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings 1am-5am, with Friday mornings presented by a variety of different people.

Listen to our chat with Rhod on the RadioToday Programme podcast from earlier this year as he marked 25 years on air with 5 Live

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  1. James West says


  2. Paul Buckley says

    Please don’t let it be more Dotun.

    1. S Ford says


    2. Mike says

      Agree: Rhod and Dotun represent all that is good and terrible about 5 Live. Rhod the sublime professional, Dotun, the incomprehensible bumbler.

      1. Joe Smith says

        I think you are being too kind on Dotun.

  3. S Ford says

    Gutted,listen to his shows and love the diversity and news from all round the world.if they keep the formula I’d be semi happy..

  4. Chas says

    Have listened to Rhod’s broadcasts for several years and thoroughly enjoy his relaxed approach. I hope his replacement continues in the same manner and with similar subject choices. I especially appreciate his lack of obsession with football.

  5. Aaron Rose says

    Dotun has become an antagonistic bore, poor people skills, self congratulatory and charmless.. I cannot envision the BBC replacing the legend of Rhod with him.
    I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Karl who described Dotun as “diffident at best”

  6. Radio Geordie says

    It’ll be someone with a pair of tits.

    1. Joe Smith says

      Could well be Jeremy Corbyn then ‘cos he had a pair of them advising him in the recent election.

      1. Jeff C says


    2. David Gorse says

      Radio Geordie, Oh No, you mean Dotun

  7. Dave Marshall says

    Thanks for the memories Rhod.
    You were my constant companion every weekday at 4.30am from 1994 as I motored the 15 miles to host the 6 am Breakfast Show on Radio Clyde. (1974 – 2001). I enjoyed the ‘chat’ and I could always rely on you to update me on the news agenda for the day.
    Happily in retirement, I have to admit to deserting 5 Live when ‘ News and Sport became ‘ Sport and News’ and these days Nick Ferrari keeps me up to date when my alarm goes off ⏰ now at 7.30. Cheers Dave Marshall

  8. ewan j braid says

    Rhod , I have to say those interesting tones will be missed dearly and with a great deal of sadness , Must admit I would put you on just to get some shut eye, but that changed very quickly by what topics where being discussed that morning, particularly when the good doctor Karl was onboard, So that was me up to me up to 3.30 am , well I wish you much success ,on whatever voyage you partake , enjoy the good old USA , in which I am still a citizen and off course and a True Scott . all the best Rhod !

  9. michael says

    So Mike what’s your problem with Dotun?. Not his colour hopefully. Y’know you remind me of those bigots that used to run the old Radio 1 back in the day, who allowed one ‘ real ‘ black song to be played around the time of the Notting Hill Carnival in addition to the late John Peel playing Althea and Donnas Up Town Top Ranking. Its no wonder we still have a plethora of unlicensed radio stations, mainly in our towns and cities playing the kind of music, mainstream commercial radio refuses to play. Time to disband OFCOM methinks

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