Jenni Falconer moves from Heart to Smooth Radio

Jenni Falconer joining Smooth Radio to present the breakfast show in London and nationwide on Smooth Extra after leaving Heart last year.

She takes over from Gary King, who will present Smooth’s new, national early breakfast show from Monday to Friday, as well as continuing to host Saturday afternoons across the network.

Angie Greaves, who joined Smooth last September to host the brand-new nationwide Smooth Drive Home, will present a new three-hour Sunday morning show.

The Smooth Sanctuary at Seven will now run seven days a week till 10pm hosted by Gary Vincent from Sunday to Friday and Tina Hobley every Saturday.

Jenni Falconer said: “I am beyond thrilled to be joining the Smooth family and truly honoured to help wake up London every weekday morning. I’m no stranger to the early starts, so I can’t wait to keep listeners company as they get ready for their day, set off to work or make their morning cuppa! I’m also excited to host a brand-new nationwide show on Saturday morning – and to be working for a station which plays such a brilliant mix of relaxing music is the icing on the cake for me.”

Jenni left Heart last year to be replaced by James Stewart on Early Breakfast.

Sam Jackson, Smooth Radio’s Senior Managing Editor, said: “What better way to start 2020 on Smooth than to launch our updated schedule, led by a fresh voice on the station, Jenni Falconer. Her warmth, popularity and sense of fun make Jenni the perfect addition to the Smooth team and I’m sure that our listeners will love waking up to her.

“It’s also great to welcome Angie Greaves to the weekend schedule, as she builds on the success of The Smooth Drive Home, which she launched just four months ago. With a fantastic line-up of presenters and a playlist to match, we couldn’t wish for a better start to the new year.”

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  1. Radio Geordie says

    No surprise there.
    Almost predicted this a couple of weeks back (Dec 16th) given that Global were going to announce what she would be doing next after ‘leaving’ Heart.

    1. mb23 says

      The only surprise is that they haven’t moved the local shows to the afternoons so they can network breakfast & drive.

      1. Michael Bolton says

        I think that is political – They can say at the moment they are local in both day parts on one station or another.

  2. john bodman says

    Well that is the end of Smooth Extra for me… I shall be joining Gary King. Thanks Global!

  3. claimber2 says

    I’m surprised she went to Smooth…. I would have thought she’d gone to a station like Signal 1 instead!

    She’d have done better on Signal 1 drivetime maybe!

    It wouldn’t be that much of a comedown going from Heart to Signal, where I am more people put on Signal 1 than Heart anyway!

    1. mb23 says

      Perhaps she didn’t want to be on Hits Radio Stoke, as it will become after March.

      1. sunilrath2 says

        @Mb23: From what I’ve heard, it probably may not become a Hits Radio station or even re-brand, and apparently may become a new network hub for Bauer Media.

        Don’t quote me on this (as I know you lot do on forums), but I hear that there’s a new double-header show coming to Signal 1 on Saturday mornings 10am-2pm around mid-summer.

        2020 looks like a good year for Signal, so I’m told.

        Back on topic: Jenni Falconer on Smooth should be good for its target audience.

        1. mb23 says

          I would lay good money that the Signal name won’t make it to the end of 2020, just like the other heritage brands that Bauer have bought.

          1. Sunilrath2 says


            Bauer Media still have CFM, Aire, Hallam, Wave 105, KISS as heritage names, no re-branding there.

            WISH, Tower and WIRE, from what I’ve heard, are good stations, they sound better than Capital does. (I know someone in the industry, a freelancer who told me those stations were better to work for than Global, he’d been on both a Heart and one of those at the same time when freelancing!).

            Bauer have kept Wave 105 going, and not given it a Hits Radio rebrand or networking, could they do the same for WISH, Tower, WIRE, Wave 96.5 and Pulse 1? (all of which arguably are like a Northern equivalent to Wave 105 for quality).

            Hits Radio is tanking, Wave 105 is successful.

            Total Access with Olivia Jones sounds far better than the current Jordan Lee show on the Hits network.

            From a friend who works in the industry, he told me that there’s a lot of worry at KLFM 96.7 now and some even fearing it’ll become all output from London except a local breakfast show (but wouldn’t that just be redundant to KISS up that end?).

          2. Martin Kong says

            Sunilrath2. Hallam/Aire will eventually become Hits Radio.

            In case you forget, there was a previous article on this site that Bauer let slip about rolling out the name Hits Radio to replace heritages station names.

            So please stop trying to think that Bauer won’t do this because you’re too attach the heritages names rather than seeing reality for what it is.

  4. Kish says

    When do these changes take effect?

    1. Martin Kong says

      This Monday 6th of January 2020.

  5. Tom says

    Great news! They could have got someone to host weekend overnights 1-6am Like Charlie Jordan instead of sticking to the format of non stop Smooth.

  6. Joe Smith says

    Jenni Falconer said: “I am beyond thrilled to be joining whoever they are and truly honoured to help wake up wherever they broadcast every weekday morning. …

    I’m also excited to host a brand-new nationwide show whenever it is (it is pre-recorded isn’t it?) – and to be working for a station which pays me some money is the icing on the cake for me.”

  7. Lee says

    ‘Local Programming Returns To Heart And Capital’ – that would be news not Jeni Falconer moving to Smooth. Who cares!!! Global stories just bore me as they are all the same old same old rubbish Yawn yawn.

  8. Martin Kong says

    @Sunilrath2, Pulse 1 will become part of the Hits Radio Network and then become Hits Radio.

  9. Paul Swift says

    Be nice if they really sat down and had a good look at the music list. Smooth has only been going a few months in Peterborough and Northamptonshire and it’s dire and repatetive. Feel sorry for the rest of the country who have had to put up with this for the last 10 years. Global rubbish.

    1. James h says

      Nice one

      When was the last time smooth added a new song to the play list

  10. Tom says

    It’d be a good idea for Magic to refresh their schedule too, especially the mellow magic show and rename it to the late show just what Smooth has, why have mellow magic on the main magic, when they have a whole dedicated station for it on DAB. Maybe they should bring in sanctuary as well after drive just like smooth.

  11. ciaran flavin says

    I dont see why gary king cant be on till 7am and the breakfast show from 7am till 10 am, three hours is enough.

    as for smooth overnights at the weekend, please bring back Dave Brown, He did that show very well indeed.

    1. Graham B says

      I thought Gary King had made a hugh difference to the ratings for the London Area Breakfast show, Seems like a kick in the teeth to me putting him on at a time where the audience must be quite small, plus he is only has 2 hours.
      I heard the new presenter in the car this morning, all i can say is Bring Back GK.

  12. James h says

    Another change witch probably won’t last long sooth and heart seem very unsettled if the lister likes it don’t change it yes I agree bring back Dave brown his knowledge and voice for that time of night was fantastic better still bring him back week day over nights

    1. Joe Smith says

      Dave Brown wouldn’t really fit in though would he?

      Being that he is actually talented and a good broadcaster.

  13. James h says

    I thought the smooth sanctuary was 7 nights a week ?

  14. john bodman says

    I am glad I am not the only one who already misses Gary King on Smooth in London. Listened to JF briefly yesterday morning and she announced we were listening to Heart, before quickly remembering where she was…. as one comment said earlier.. dire! No offence intended but Global – please bring Gary back to Smooth breakfast in London and Extra. Thank You!

  15. Graham B says

    Yes Please bring back Gary King.
    Heart gain ,Smooth loose, why not stick her on at 4am.
    I am sure the listener figures will drop like a stone.

  16. Lyn says

    Please bring back Gary. The voice of JF really grates first thing in the morning. She is trying too hard!

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