Morning Reports to end on BBC Radio 5 Live

BBC Radio 5 Live’s Mornings Reports programme is to be axed from the schedule under current proposals.

The live show, which airs weekdays from 5am till 5.15am, will be replaced with an extended edition of Wake Up To Money, a BBC spokesperson confirmed to RadioToday.

Morning Reports has been part of the 5 Live schedule since the station launched in March 1994, and was half an hour long until 2014. Jane Garvey hosted the first edition when opening the station at 5am.

Also, Up All Night will reduce live content at weekends with more pre-recorded material from BBC Sounds.

The changes are part of a wider announcement by Fran Unsworth, Director of News and Current Affairs affecting all of BBC News with 450 job losses expected.

At 5 Live, 12 posts will be closed but two will be created in the digital team – resulting in 10 job losses. One of those will be in London and the remaining nine in Salford. 5 Live Sport is not affected, nor is BBC Local Radio.

In London there will be posts closed in the Radio Newsroom, which makes bulletins for BBC’s other national radio networks.

No date has been communicated for the final show.

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  1. Sue says

    Why did they not save money by closing down radio 4 long wave & 5 live AM transmitters first.
    That would have saved some jobs.

    1. AlMorr says

      Now that would be saving money.

    2. melvyn dalley says

      Hi , well they would loose 1 listener if they did that being me as ,i can’t stand the sound of DAB

  2. Pat says

    Might as well just close down the news aspect of the station and use it for sport since it seems to interrupt a lot of the ‘news’ coverage anyway-what is left of it.

    1. John Smith says

      Maybe they should closedown 5 live all together there’s Talksport ,Talksport 2 and Love Sport so the sport on 5 would not be missed the News is bias as usual coming from the BBC and now we are leaving the E.U. no more extra money for the EU loving BBC

  3. Ann says

    Radio 5 Papers is full of out of touch London Corbynisters.Review the Papers.not interested in listening to a tub thumping diatribe.

  4. Ann says

    Radio 5 not liking the new sounds like it’s full of 6th Formers.

  5. Ann says

    So I sent 2 duplicate you haven’t changed anything..have you

  6. Ann says


  7. Lee says

    Oh dear. Although the BBC is currently very bloated and there needs to be more sharing of resources (for example, TV news reporters should also report into radio shows in my view), I hope the changes don’t lead to the dumbing down to commercial radio standards,

  8. John C Smith says

    The dumbing down is now well underway.

    1. Andy says

      Bring back Danny B!!

  9. Andy says

    Goodbye Ann…’ll miss the ghostly background music on 693 AM in the evenings…..



    1. Abi says


  11. Richard Owen says

    Grab a copy of radio times. Highlight repeats on both BBC TV 2 and BBC TV 4 . Consolidate programs to BBC TV 2.
    Close down BBC TV 4

  12. Adrian says

    I don’t suppose many people care about morning reports,the fact is there is precious little in the way of meaningful news coverage on the channel anymore-so much unnecessary chatter about trivia,and dependence on paper reviews.I used to get incredibly frustrated when Prime Minister’s Question Time ran until nearly one o’clock but they cut it off at around 12.30 to discuss the first half hour and repeat bits while the rest was still going on live,either do things properly or not at all!.

  13. superbike999 says

    I can think of two tick box presenters who could improve 5live if they left, although the dumbing down was completed when the current controller replaced VK

  14. Mark Budgen says

    Replaced with the biggest waste of time going – Wake up to Yuppies.

  15. Clare says

    Most cars still use the am/ LW frequency – not everyone can afford cars with DAB

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