Radio and newspaper owner Sir Ray Tindle has died aged 95

Sir Ray Tindle, President of the Tindle Radio Group, has passed away peacefully on Saturday 16th April in the UK.

He bought his first newspaper in London during the 1950s with a demob payment he received after serving during the Second World War.

In the years since he continued to grow his media empire. At its peak, the Tindle Group owned more than 200 local newspapers and 12 radio stations.

Sir Ray’s involvement in broadcasting dates back to the birth of commercial radio in the UK.

A founder shareholder in London’s Capital Radio, Sir Ray went on to acquire Guernsey’s Island FM in February 1998, the first building block in the Tindle Radio Group, which by the 2007 had twelve stations in England, Wales and the Channel Islands and one in Ireland.

Whilst the bulk of the UK radio group changed ownership in the 2010s, Tindle remained owners and operators of Channel 103 in Jersey, Guernsey’s Island FM and Midlands 103 in Ireland – stations which enjoyed success in their respective markets and shared Sir Ray Tindle’s ultra-local philosophy.

Tindle Chief Executive, Danny Cammiade, said: “Sir Ray was a traditional local newspaper proprietor who truly believed in the importance of covering grassroots news with people and faces at the forefront of everything.

“He was a benefactor to numerous charities and a supporter of the industry and all who worked within it.

“Sir Ray’s arrangements will be confirmed in due course, but it is hoped that later in the year there will be an opportunity to celebrate his life and service to our industry.”

Posted on Monday, April 18th, 2022 at 9:59 am by RadioToday Staff

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