Pat Sharp gets daily show on Smooth Radio
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Pat Sharp gets daily show on Smooth Radio

Major schedule changes at Smooth Radio next week include Pat Sharp taking over Carlos’ afternoon show and Andy Peebles moving to weekends only.

Carlos will move to weeknights in place of Andy Peebles, who has hosted the late show on the station since it launched in the north west in 2004. Andy will continue his Saturday night Soul Train programme.

Pat Sharp’s weekend breakfast show will be taken over by former Real Radio Yorkshire presenter Daryl Denham, who has been covering weekday breakfast at the national station over Christmas.

Lynn Parsons recently started her new regular slot on weekday mid-mornings after Mark Goodier resigned at the end of last year. David Prever will host Lynn’s former weekend Mid-Morning show.

Other changes include a new movie show on Saturday and documentary slot on Sunday afternoons.

The station has also introduced a new jingle package today created by Real and Smooth Radio’s Group Production Director Chris Stevens, recorded at TM Studios in Dallas and sung in the UK.

Steve Collins, Programme Director for Smooth Radio said: “The new sound has gone through a recording process closer to that of the songs we play on the station, using talented musicians, playing live music, which showcases the much loved sound of Smooth Radio.

“The station prides itself on its music selection and 3.7 million* listeners each week across the UK agree. The new jingles have captured the essence of Smooth Radio and really reflect what listeners can expect when they tune into the station.”

The station had been using Wise Buddah jingles since it went national in 2010.

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  1. stevieg

    Shocking decision to remove Andy Peebles, just about the only decent presenter on the station, from midweek. This follows the horrendous decision to inflict Lynn Parsons on their audience. Is the final part of their suicide note?

    1. Declan McGrath

      Looks like there are prepearing for there suicide note because most of there top presenters have quit following the gmg sale. So i rekon when it gets rebranded to Gold later this year they will be axing some of the presenters.

      1. Craig Strong

        Declan, you say most of their top presenters have quit, apart from Mark Goodier, who else has gone?

        1. Declan McGrath

          Hello Craig according to wikipedia Mark Goddier left last year also Graham Torrington, and Mike Allen. It was all part of the shedule reshuffle and according to a media website some of the presenters quit when they heard about the gmg sale.

    2. Craig Strong

      So Mr Goodier departs, and within weeks his Wise Buddah jingles are gone, coincidence or not?
      As for his replacement, well, in all honesty I would not have put her there, instead I’d have Pat Sharp who should be in the daytime lineup.
      And poor old Carlos gets shuffled once again to a later slot, many people theorising that as he was not a “national name” like just about all the rest of the weekday line up, he is making way for those that were?

  2. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    That Is A Shame I Do Feel Andy Peebles Should Do The SmoothRadio MidMorning Show In Weekdays That Would Be Good On Smooth Radio I Do Think Lynn Parsons Should Just Go Back To Weekends Only On Smooth Radio And Get AndyPeebles On The Smooth Radio Weekdays Mid Morning Show That Would Be Better

        1. Declan McGrath

          Dave I only use capital letters at a begining of a sentence and when using companys names so i don’t know what your on about mate. And you say the same stuff all the time.! And you can stop being arragant as well and i don,t know what you mean by the Kettle Black and I’ve got a B Grade in English as well so get stuffed!

  3. James Martin

    Really want to hear the Patman on Heart – maybe on Club Classics? I know he was on 106.2 back in the day but I think he’d be really on-brand for a network show on Heart as it is now.

    1. gexan60

      Surely Smooth could have this weekend schedule:
      6-10 Daryl Denham
      10-2 Karlie Kloss / Amy Childs (live, not voice tracked – well she is the latest big thing at the moment – and live from Leicester Square. They’re often in the news, so it would be a coup for Global to have one of them)
      2-6 David Prever
      6-8 Dave Brown
      8-12 Andy Peebles
      6-10 Daryl Denham
      10-2 David Prever
      2-6 Emma B
      6-8 Kid Jensen
      8-12 Donny Osmond

      That way, Smooth gets a celeb worthy line-up and some good presenters too.

  4. Richard Goghall

    This is bonkers. All of these people will be out of the door by April, why promise jobs and expectations?

  5. Craig Strong

    Is it certain Smooth will become Gold?
    Where has that been printed?
    As I mentioned before, Apart from at weekends, where less known jocks are, placed, and on swing of course, weekdays are just about completely manned by ex national DJ’s, Bates, Parsons, Jensen, And Sharp, all former R1, as indeed was Andy Peebles, now, maybe it was his decision to just do a weekend show, or was he not sounding as the guys upstairs wanted him to sound, hence the demotion to one show a week?
    I don’t suppose we will ever know, what I do know is that radio is a fickle bedmate.

    1. oxen6

      Wouldn’t it be good to have Karlie Kloss doing the weekday mid-morning show, she’s a self-confessed fan of Smooth apparently and says she’d work there one day…

  6. Evilin

    Daryl Denham sounded like he had a mouthful of saliva he didn’t want to part with!. I found it so off putting I changed to another station until Simon Bates returned after xmas.

  7. Alan

    Can’t believe Andy Peebles is no longer on Mon-Thu evening 8pm-12am show disappear since after 8 or 9 years no more quiet storm at weeknight after 10:30pm. Now Daryl Denham come from sister station Real Radio now doing weekend breakfast show since Pat Sharp now he took over from Carlos’ afternoon show at 1pm-4pm and Carlos is going be difficult on evening show at 8pm-12am this week.

  8. Bainey

    I’m sorry guys I think a lot of you could be barking up the wrong tree with this one global as been told they need to of load either some of there smaller stations or a brand in which case it maybe smooth or capital that goes as they won’t to sell real they will wont them to rebrand to heart,they have had interest from Nrj radio group for capital which global called lease out or they could just of load smooth to beauer who may just put them under the magic brand with the exceptions of smooth London which would either need to be sold to another or rebranded to gold but they would need to close the am service they could also do a trade of with Orion and trade smooth or gold for gem 106 which would just go nicely back to heart and Orion could rebrand smooth to free radio or gold to free radio 80’s,some how I can’t see them keeping the smooth stations

  9. philip.taylor

    all radio stations are complete rubbish i could do they job better then that no wonder why money is rubbish plus they have the same djs on radio i dont listen to any radio stations they all belong to bbc the money pays all they wages

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