Robbie Vincent refused last show on Jazz
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Robbie Vincent refused last show on Jazz

Robbie Vincent has been told he can’t record a final show on Jazz FM after he told station bosses he has decided to leave the station.

Robbie, who has been on Jazz FM for almost three years with a weekly show, announced his decision to leave the station on Twitter and Facebook this morning.

Robbie has told he’s leaving because he fears a ‘radio armageddon’ is on its way. “There will be news next week of further downgrading at the station,” he said.

Robbie continued: “Jazz FM has been such a difficult place to work at recently with it being so cash strapped. I offered to record a final show but management have declined my offer.”

The former Radio 1, Radio , Kiss and LBC presenter had already recorded his show, due to air this Sunday 1st December, before informing the station about leaving. This show will be broadcast as normal but Robbie is upset he won’t be able to say goodbye.

“I wanted to do the right thing and say goodbye to my loyal listeners properly,” he said. “December 8th was supposed to be my farewell show.”

A spokesperson for Jazz FM confirmed Robbie wasn’t given a ‘final’ show saying “this is generally accepted practice.”

They continued: “We’re very sad that Robbie has decided to leave Jazz FM. He is and always will be a legendary broadcaster and we’ll miss him here. Jeff Young will be replacing him with an extended programme full of the music that has fuelled both Robbie and Jeff for years and we look forward to this.”

Earlier this year, national DAB multiplex operator Arqiva advertised for anyone interested in running a replacement jazz station to come forward. In the meantime, Jazz FM has confirmed it will not be coming off DAB.

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  1. Doug Ross

    So did Radio Today attempt to get a comment from Jazz FM on the matter? It would seem like proper journalism to at least attempt to do so. And if they did and no comment was forthcoming, surely this should be reflected in the story?

    Personally I’m not fussed as to who did what to whom and how, but such a one-sided story surely has little actual merit.

    1. RadioTodayLive

      Thanks Doug. We were awaiting comment from Jazz FM at the time of publishing and should have reflected this in the story.

  2. Doug Ross

    BTW, moderating comments to prevent accurate and constructive criticism re: RT’s quality of reporting appearing is controlling and hypocritical.

  3. Stevieg

    Very poor behaviour by Jazz FM who are fast losing their credibility as a professional radio station. Their future looks very bleak.

    1. Billy Who

      Ground hog day with Jazz fm, we had J fm , then smooth, lots of fund raising with name that tune a few years ago( My old piano- Diana Ross) someone made afortune with that.The playlist is is so small I here the same old tunes over and over.Internet radio will take over. Hope to here where RV is next.

      1. Manny

        “….lots of fund raising with name that tune a few years ago( My old piano- Diana Ross) someone made afortune with that…”

        I remember that. BUT they gave away something like £100,000 to the winner, so clearly jazz/smooth fm didn’t make much if anything. So not sure what you’re getting at here.

  4. Michael S

    What a way to behave –
    What a way for a Station to treat a legendary broadcaster ….
    Shame on you Jazz Fm re Robbie Vincent

  5. Simon

    But he *has* got a last show; it’s this weekend!! Why didn’t he say ‘goodbye’ in the show he presumably just recorded if he’s that worried about saying farewell to his ‘fans’?! This all screams “attention-seeker”, if you ask me. I must say, I agree with the Jazz FM spokesman on this one. If someone says they’re leaving and their contract allows a quick departure – (i.e. if it’s ‘up’) – then it is indeed ‘normal practice’ not to bend over backwards and appease the whims of a departing presenter. They’ve got a business to run! And by the looks of the vitriol now apparently being spouted to the media (and I see, on his public FB page with its implication that it was Jazz FM’s decision, when this clearly isn’t the case), I’m lead to think if I were in charge of Jazz FM, I wouldn’t let him to an *extra* “last show” either. Goodness me! All the best though, Robbie…

  6. MP

    A massive shame for Jazz FM as Robbie’s show was always a great listen, despite the changes to the station’s output. I won’t be surprised if Jazz FM leaves Digital One at the end of December as part of additional cuts.

  7. Mr X

    Just who are they targeting? Every time I turn it on, my ears are assaulted by endless adverts for fancy corporate lawyers Mishcon de Reya; offshore banking; expensive executive housing; the Financial Times; and so much other City of London ephemera.

    Is this a station for jazz, soul and blues fans, or City bankers? From the current advertising focus, I suspect we won’t see complete closure of the DAB service at the end of the year, but a retreat from D1 to a local London DAB multiplex. Just a guess.

  8. RB

    What are Jazz afraid of? That RV will lambast the station on his final show? It would be recorded so they could no doubt edit it and he would be too professional to do that. No it’s petty behaviour and nothing more. Watch out Pork Pie, if you decide to leave only mention it on your final show!!

  9. SoppyBllx

    The station goes on – and presenters are never usually allowed a door-shutting exercise like the ‘farewell gig’. Look at DLT’s little stunt – all the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

  10. Radio broadcaster Mike Howard

    jazz fm,have lost one of their very best broadcasters.Robbie has been on radio for more than 40 years.The question I ask myself,WTF are the suits that run jazz fm going to achieve by this?? absolutely nothing.I used to listen to jazz fm,now it has been deleted from my sunday timetable.Well done suits,u win again.

  11. martin d

    Very disappointing to know that today was Robbie’s last broadcast on Jazz FM. Might he think about Solar Radio for future programmes?

  12. FERRIS

    Robbie Vincent was at The top , with all due respect to Jeff Young and the other great presenters . ROBBIE VINCENT is a legend and has been for my last 35 years of radio . whatever the situation and whatever happened it would of been nice to hear a last show .
    With his past ill health and 40 odd years in the business I just hope he has the drive to continue elsewhere as I a sure his fans will find him if he chooses to . ( and it would be nice if he finds a seat for Jeff Young as well ;-) )
    As for JFM well I must say if your format is good for your business then good luck to you but I am off to SOLAR ,

  13. Del

    Can’t say I like Robbie’s choice of music that much. But I love Blues, Funk and Jazz. Love Helen Mayhew and follow her from station to station. Just hope this station doesn’t fold and I am forced to go to internet radio with its constant drop outs and unavailability. KEEP GOING HELEN !!!!!!!!

  14. Peter White

    I was a big fan of JazzFM until about a year ago until the culture of ‘dumb down’ was introduced. The station’s cream of quality DJ’s has eroded with names like Mike Vitti, Leo Green and Ralph Tee as a few good examples of those who have now gone. Robbie Vincent fits into the same category as these broadcasters and like them is too good to be linked to the ‘bland’ schedule. The switch from stereo to mono on national DAB was odd but most likely down to cost. The impending loss of national DAB coverage is a catastrophe and a huge backward step. The problem with JazzFM is that is no longer cutting edge, it’s certainly not Jazz and if wants to stand out on the internet platform just take a good hard look at the American service Jazz In terms of jazz content and if you just use their Contemporary Vocals channel alone there’s absolutely no comparison. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the station disappear at some point and that’s a huge shame but that’s probably what Mr Vincent is thinking too.

  15. Peter White

    I just need to slightly correct something below as an example of what JazzFM will be in competition with as a mainly web based radio service. Jazz have a Fusion Lounge channel and to me that’s what they’re really going to be up against. Something the station’s content sadly lacks right now!

  16. andrew

    I am loving all the comments, Robbie Vincent is a legend I used to listen to him on radio one (when I was a teenager ] and ‘the music garden’ was as alive then as much as now can’t believe he just went , j f m even deleted his last show off the listen again tab, j f m are losing the plot ! , I used to be in the presenting business myself , my Sunday’s are not the same ! and times are changing and the kids are all on kiss f m ? oh well at least I don’t have to worry about fitting a dab radio to the car ! that’s my lot ! good luck to Robbie {if it moves funk it }

  17. Joanne Coxhead

    I am glad I have found this article because we were quite concerned as to what had happened to Robbie. He is an amazing DJ and really really knows his stuff as far as Jazz, Funk, Soul etc is concerned,
    We are also shocked and saddened that we are losing the only Radio station that we listen to(Jazz FM) I can’t understand it!!!!

  18. Joanne Coxhead

    It is unbelievable when you read all the other comments below. Robbie Vincent is amazing and although we listen to Solar Radio on the TV and Internet it is not the same as accessing it wherever you are, in the car/bed, kitchen etc.
    Why are these stations losing these amazing DJs – Smooth 70;s is another station to fold and they lost Richard Searling too!!
    Lets hope they all appear somewhere else soon!

  19. John Rippengale

    Robbie, a legend. Best DJ ever. Jazz FM fans loss, someone else will gain.
    Hurry back Robbie, get on solar pronto, Les Adams and the boys will make you welcome. Regards John Rippengale

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