Jazz FM leaves national DAB digital radio
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Jazz FM leaves national DAB digital radio

After much speculation, Jazz FM has announced it will be removing itself from the national DAB platform Digital One later this month.

The station will move from D1 to Switch Digital in Greater London in addition to online platforms from January 1st 2014.

Speaking to RadioToday, Jazz FM CEO Richard Wheatly said the station could potentially lose 150,000 from its record 700,000 listener base.

“Most of our audience listen to us on digital radio in Greater London – 400,000 people – and around 30% are listening on platforms other than DAB across the UK,” Richard said.

RadioToday can also reveal the station entered into profit last month for the first time since its relaunch.

The station is advising listeners to re-tune in London or listen via Radioplayer or its app, or via satellite services Sky (0202) and FreeSat (729)

A message on jazzfm.com says: “As we have recently announced, one of the five ways Jazz FM transmits is changing. But don’t worry! There is absolutely no reason why if you listen to Jazz FM now, you won’t be able to still. The main change is to our DAB feed across the UK”

Earlier this year RadioToday ran ads from Digital One owner Arqiva inviting applications to run a replacement jazz service. We’ll update you as soon as we know if an alternative jazz station will be made available on Digital One as per its licence requirement, or if a change has been requested with Ofcom.

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  1. Notch

    Why does the UK consistently lag behind other countries with regards to musical diversity on radio?
    I live in Yorkshire; the limited choice of musical diversity on DAB has now gone, namely Jazz FM and LBC.

    Instead I have access to the same local commercial dross that’s on FM?
    Why shouldn’t I have access to national debate just because I don’t live in London?
    We are not all sheep…bleating to the indoctrinated dross from sh… factor and the other puerile productions.

    Reggae, Jazz, Soul, blues, and the various sub genres are all legitimate musical mediums and arguably more influential than any others.
    But can I access a national station that caters for such diversity… no!

    Why? Because the cartels that run independent radio as well as BBC radio are short sighted and ignorant to the potential market of diversity.
    Wake up Mr and Ms Corporate;there exists a world beyond your commercially driven and narrow minded ethos.


  2. Bernard in Bristol

    JazzFM leaving National DAB is a horrendous reflection how the UK’s broadcasting set up is not working. The BBC who has a massive chunk of our money, provides little or no jazz or soul. Jazz is very much apart of our culture and its just been shoved into the ground by a broken system. Some of BBC licence fee should help stations like JazzFM to broadcast nationwide so a broader reach of music is on DAB. I agree with other DAB listeners – what’s the point of all these similar radio stations pumping put the same stuff. Its got to stop! Wake up OFCOM and wake up Government!!

  3. Billn

    Jazz fm was to London orientated if it is going to be a national station the include the nation not just the south east bit

  4. Kurt

    A lancashire listener here, very upset about this, but that is OK because we have Birdsong station. What?!

  5. Sproutfan

    Bloody marvelous aint it – find a great radio station – best since Caroline in the 80s (warts and all) and a few months later can’t hear it anymore. Wife bought me a DAB radio just so i could listen at work. What a shame , i loved Jazz FM.

  6. Disgusted midlander

    You know, I really enjoyed listening to jazz FM whilst driving home from work. Dab in my car was one of the key features that I had to have, and now it’s only the cockneys that can receive in this digital form. Just gone back into profit , well I hope the station crashes very quickly back into a loss!!!

    1. Stephen Marck

      What do you miss about it, the pop, northern soul or the new age traveller music they play?

  7. sally Wilson

    yes like most of the other listeners i bought a DAB radio specificaly to listen to jazz fm. I wish someone in the North of England could get backing to do the same type of radio station but include the great northern people. We have some great DJ’s in the north who appreciate good music too. Shame on Jazz fm for excluding us. I have emailed the station on several occaisions. I have been buying more CD since listening to Jazz fm but feel my interest in music will not be the same without the inspiration of a good radio station playing my kind of music. Has anyone got any suggestions on other stations. Its a joke promoting DAB radio my radio is switched off most of the time.

  8. yemonty

    Ian Thompson you don’t understand how great we as Londoners are. I have had the unfortunate experience once in the past of visiting a south Yorkshire pit town, It horrified me that people can live like that. You certainly do not need Jazz FM if you live in the north.

  9. MONI


  10. Stephen Marck

    Great, I just added a huge comment about Jazz FM sent it to post, and it’s been bloody well wiped! Typical.

    Oh well, in a nutshell, Jazz FM sold out long ago just to get the squares to listen and the advertisers to spend money on airtime. Even Robbie Vincent finally had enough and left. 700,000 listeners, how many of them are real jazz fans I wonder?As for the name, the station should be made to change it to something that more accurately describes the programming . . .pop, soul, northern soul, new age traveller music, elevator music (smooth jazz) and Dinner Jazz FM.

    Let’s hope someone else get’s a crack a playing real jazz to a wider audience. Something which Jazz FM was original intended for, not the mush they put out now.

  11. David Self

    Hi my name is David and I have been following jazz for 50 years and do a Jazz programme on a Student Station if you want to tune in onto me. on our Ap Blast 1386. Sounds of Jazz you can also tune into Dublin City FM, as some great Jazz there finally if you want more Kjazz 88.1 fm coming all the wayall the way from CALIFORNIA. with some great Jazz.. this is all on the webb. Ok… David .Spreading the Gospel of St Jazz.

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