Smooth Radio to be removed from Digital 1
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Smooth Radio to be removed from Digital 1

Global Radio has been given Ofcom approval to remove Smooth Radio from the Digital One national DAB multiplex.

In the latest Ofcom update, Global Radio has also been granted permission to add a new station, with an unconfirmed name, playing music from the 70s, 80s and early 90s with particular appeal to audiences aged 35-54.

Smooth Radio broadcasts nationally on DAB, enabling five regional stations to carry national programmes 24 hours a day. Removal of Smooth Radio from Digital One means stations in London, East Midlands, West Midlands, North West, North East will be required under the Digital Economy Act 2010 to provide regional programmes for seven hours a day.

Its current format puts the station targeting those aged 50 plus with easy listening music including music influenced by jazz and soul, plus lifestyle oriented speech.

Global Radio first applied for a digital radio multiplex variation using the ‘unconfirmed name’ approach before announcing Choice FM was changing to Capital XTRA.

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  1. James Martin

    Wow. Didn’t see that coming. But what does this mean for the fully-networked FM regionals? Or like Kiss used to do, will it go on loads of locals? As for the new station, this sounds like it could be a brand extension of Heart.

  2. Mtb

    Well I think that maybe says certain stations are up for sale. Which is certainly not what I thought would happen!

    So maybe Heart is actually coming after all that!

    Unless the cost of being on D1 outweighs presenter costings, this is making the mission of having a lean business take a step backwards!

    Well this is the mad mad mad world of radio folks!

    1. James Martin

      D1 carriage is probably very expensive. They also may want to have Smooth as a national brand delivered locally like Capital and Heart are. Thursday is going to be seriously interesting!

      1. MP

        It may be safe to suggest that certain Smooth regional stations are about to either be franchised or go it alone.

        For the two current Global owned Smooth licences, it’ll ensure regional shows in the West Midlands for the first time since 2010 while London I’m sure will have local drive with Anthony Davis and a local breakfast show, Whether that’s with Simon Bates will be decided I’m sure.

        1. mb

          Smooth could replace Gold on all of the local multiplexes and qualify under the 80% threshold rule (as Kiss used to before it went on Digital 1). Smooth West Midlands wouldn’t need local shows then. There are many options here.

          1. MP

            Yes of course, the Kiss regionals were allowed to network using local multiplex coverage.

            Even if Global decide to keep Gold in London as a jukebox on 1548 and London 2, they should be able to have enough coverage if as you say Smooth replaces Gold.

          2. MP

            Smooth Scotland is on the Glasgow and Edinburgh muxes with a three hour local breakfast show and a four hour afternoon show to meet the weekday requirements of seven hours within the nation, four at weekends.

          3. Stephen Barnes

            Dosent sound like heart or arrow maybe it’s a new decade station to compete with absolute decades stations now owned by Bauer

          4. Stephen Barnes

            I’d love the New station to be the arrow but not the juke box version. So much more variety than real xs and xfm more genres

  3. MP

    Pure speculation here. Considering it’s a 70s, 80s and early 90s format it’s probably going to be a brand extension of Heart. Club Classics perhaps? It may also be simply a simulcast of the Sky/Freeview version of Heart London with national advertising.

  4. willstreet9224

    this doesnt make sense why did global buy Smooth just to get rid of it, well we now know why Smooth 70s was axed. so whats going to happen to Gold?

  5. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    what do this mean now here in the forest of dean I got a dab digital radio can not listen to heart Gloucestershire on dab digital radio here in the forest of dean gloucestershire I do think global should come to the forest of dean now and listen to dab digital radio now it is not good what I cansee I like smooth but if it come off that mean people like me in the forest of dean gloucestershire will not get local heart station all we be left with is heart bristol what do not broadcast to the forest of dean gloucestershire do you understand it is not good

  6. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    what do this mean is smooth radio uk on dab digital radio coming off dab yes or no because I come from the forest of dean gloucestershire I got a dab digital radio but in Gloucester their is a heart what global do own and yes it is on dab digital just on the Cheltenham and Tewkesbury side of gloucestershire not broadcasting on the forest of dean side of gloucestershire at all that is true I can get heart Bristol and gold Bristol as well as gold south wales on dab digital radio I do hope some one will tell this to global to keep smooth on dab now because the forest of dean is in gloucestershire as you may know and Cheltenham and Tewkesbury get more then the forest of dean it is not good

    1. alf

      Yes thanks Dave, I do know that the Forest of Dean is in Gloucestershire. In fact, you say it so often I know that information better than I know my own name.

  7. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    And I can tell you all this later this year 2014 global heart 102point four Gloucestershire and gold 774 am Gloucestershire licence do come up for sale or renew it is true so global could have put up for sale now heart 102point four Gloucestershire and gold 774 am Gloucestershire to let it go early that what I do think that global could have done it could be true just think on this now

  8. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    Heart is on dab wright now their is heart uk and where I do live in the forest of dean Gloucestershire their is heart Bristol on dab as well shame heart Gloucestershire is not broadcasting on dab over the forest of dean side of Gloucestershire it be usefull

  9. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    But I do hope smooth radio will broadcast on 774 am in Gloucestershire now or soon that would be good now come on do get smooth radio on to 774 am in Gloucestershire or on to 107 point 9 fm in Gloucestershire after stroud fm has stopped broadcasting get smooth radio on to 107 point 9 fm in Gloucestershire now please

  10. FlipNDip Music & Media Group

    Me Being A Dj/Brodcaster Etc Etc….I Do Respect Ashley Tabor For What He Is Achieving…But at the moment im getting a bit lost…..What Is His Prespective??? Where does he see Global In 10 years time…….Whats The plan??? At the moment i aint got a clue?? I think he ought to employ Me for one and his old pal “The Saviour Of Radio” Christopher Moyles……Thanks
    The infirmass Stevie D

  11. FlipNDip Music & Media Group

    I know he and other have set uo another company to launch there own multiplex instead of handing over the money to Aquiva……..Wiggy could you shed any light on this??

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