Radioplayer launches marketing campaign

A new advertising drive kicks off on Boxing Day aimed at anyone who has a new tablet or mobile for Christmas.

Radioplayer suggests using the service to “Discover your perfect radio” (listen below) and has also launched a Windows Phone version of the app.

The radio ads, voiced by actor Alan Davies and created by Fresh Air Productions, will run across Global Radio stations, Real and Smooth and Absolute Radio, as well as dozens of other Radioplayer stations across the UK.

A digital advertising campaign will also run across Facebook and Google under the same strapline, with a selection of online banners, MPUs and tablet ads.

And the campaign will take advantage of a new Radioplayer feature which allows stations to run network ad campaigns. To showcase this, Radioplayer will be running its own ads across the Radioplayer consoles of any stations which opt in to the campaign. Desktop listeners will get a 15 second audio-visual version of the ad, with a click-through for more information.

Michael Hill, Managing Director of Radioplayer said: “Our message ‘Discover your perfect radio’ is very timely. On one level, it helps listeners understand that the device they got for Christmas can be a great radio. But it also works on a content level. I think we should shout more about the amazing variety of radio that’s broadcast in the UK.”

Posted on Monday, December 23rd, 2013 at 11:30 am by RadioToday UK

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