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SFM in breach for no live radio programmes

Ofcom has found SFM in Sittingbourne in breach of its Key Commitments by not broadcasting any live programmes for a period of over two weeks.

The station should provide original output for a minimum of 12 hours per day, but istead played non-stop music and adverts.

The licence holder explained to Ofcom that this was due to illness of a key member of staff and “…a breakdown in communication and co-ordination of volunteers and contributors…”. But at the time, it tweeted that the lack of programmes was due to “essential maintenance work”.

SFM explained that moving forward, it would be using more voice-tracked programming to meet its daily 12-hour original output commitment, and that it was holding several meetings with its volunteers to adopt new procedures to avoid this situation occurring again.

Ofcom recorded Breaches of Licence Conditions 2(1) and 2(4) in Part 2 of the Schedule to the community radio licence held by Sittingbourne Community Radio Limited (licence number CR000219).

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