Delux Radio jocks join rival United DJs instead

A long list of famous radio presenters who previously worked on Radio Luxembourg have joined a different online station to one they were due to be part of.

Names including Mike Read, Tony Prince, Emperor Rosko and DLT will now be presenting on a station called ‘United DJs’, which says it will use the strapline ‘Station of the Stars’ with full and exclusive permission from RTL.

Another station – Delux / Deluxe Radio – had previously announced a similar list of presenters for its streaming station, which is also using the strapline ‘Station of the Stars’.

An announcement from United DJs said: “There have been all kinds of revolutions across the years but now stand by for a DJ revolution. Somewhere along the line the radio industry decided to junk that title and along came ‘The Presenter’. And if the first radio revolution could be deemed the one in the UK headlined by Radio Caroline, then UNITED DJs will register as the second radio revolution, this time entertaining an enormous global audience.”

United DJs says its logo pays tribute to another pioneer of radio – Radio Caroline – and says its DJs will be ‘playing and saying what they like’ as ‘streaming comes of age’.

The full list of DJs announced by the project is: Mike Read, Tony Prince, Shaun Tilley, Roger ‘Twiggy’ Day, The Emperor Rosko, Dave Lee Travis, Adrian John, Mike Hollis, Rob Jones, Eddy Grant, Graham Dene, Peter Antony, Pearly Gates, Mike Knight, Enda W. Caldwell, Bob Lawrence, Paul Newman, Kenny Tosh, Alton Andrews, Les ‘LA Mix’ Adams, Ian Shirley, Tony Blewit, Stuart Busby, Chantilly, Peter ‘DMC’ Roberts, Cutmaster Swift and Laurie Holloway.

Please note this list of presenters has been supplied to us from “United DJs” and we have been unable to confirm with each individual if they have officially signed up for the new station. Please contact us if your name should not appear above.

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  1. David says

    The Emperor Rosko now does breakfast on All Oldies Radio Hit 45s. (

    Thought RT would have mentioned that.

  2. Beaumont Errington-Diesels says

    If it doesn’t have Art Grainger doing his Tradio, there’s no point.

  3. John Aumonier says

    Not one woman ?

  4. Ray Woodward says

    That logo is specifically the MV Caroline in Ramsey Bay.

  5. monitorman232 says

    Pearly Gates is a woman. She bacame the first black female to present on Radio Luxembourg- The Station of the Stars

  6. Kevin says

    Hmmm how long will it last one wonders

  7. Colin Cook says

    Deluxe need to loose the tag “Station of the stars” now. ?

  8. M says

    Oh dear. Do these guys not see how sad they look to the outside world? Two internet stations arguing over a line-up of has-beens. It’s like two bald men fighting over a comb.

    The rest of the world has moved on.

  9. Allan says

    I am very much looking forward to hearing legendary broadcasters like DLT back on the air once again. Those djs were pioneers in the !960s and their knowledge of music and sparkling personalities are sadly lacking amongst today’s presenters, especially at the BBC.

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