Jamie Cullum Show cut short on BBC Radio 2


Listeners to BBC Radio 2 were left wondering what happened to Jamie Cullum when he said goodbye from his programme 25 minutes early.

Jamie back announced the final songs around 7.30 then at 7.35pm introduced what should have been the news at 8pm on Tuesday evening. The running order says Jamie was going to interview singer and songwriter Julia Biel but it never appeared, so this may have been the missing content.

Listeners tweeted about the error, asking if he just wanted an early finish.

After a minute of silence, the emergency audio started, followed shortly afterwards by Ana Matronic starting her show early, apologising for the mistake. Ana is sitting in for Jo Whiley.

Have a listen to the event below from Radiofail..

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  1. Len Groat says

    The BBC has more staff/ presenters/ ‘personalities’/ producers per hour of radio than any other UK station, but still cannot get it right… and churn our pre-recorded shows after midnight rather than serve the audience properly with LIVE shows.

    And it only costs 50 millions pounds a year….

  2. Nick Muir says

    Pre-recording that failed?

    1. Len Groat says

      Sounds to me like a pre-recorded show where a producer forgot to insert an interview recorded at a different time – but even so you only have to look at the file length to know it’s very short! It’s made by an outside production company…

  3. Andrew cridp says

    I was listening last night whilst driving my lorry and it threw me completely!!the news music started and I had to check my watch and clock in the truck. I hate the recorded shows after midnight. Last night it was Sarah Cox repeat from last Friday and she said it was recorded before Christmas!

  4. Stephen Hall says

    I have to applaud the professionalism of Anna here. 60 seconds to realise she was going on right now, not in 25 minutes time.

  5. Joe Smith says

    Radio stations should be made to announce before a show starts if it is pre-recorded.

  6. Del says

    Play out loaded incorrectly I’d say. Probably human error. These things happen

  7. PatsDarling says

    I believe that BBC is the best value around. For less than £15 per month we get a fantastic service. Brilliant TV channels and on line and amazing radio too. In my humble opinion it is incredible value for money.

    1. Martin says

      Er..how much did they pay you to say that Pat?

    2. Joe Smith says

      I’d pay them money not to have to listen to the likes of Evans, Vine and Wright for starters.

  8. Pete says

    I guess pre recorded programmes are here to stay, telling in their absence of social media participation but also you can sometimes hear them three times a week. Christmas was awful on Beeb radio.

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