Ofcom to consult on Radio 1 & Radio 2 music


Ofcom has published a short consultation proposing to update the definition used to assess how much ‘new music’ is played on BBC Radio 1 and 2.

In the BBC Operating Licence, published in October 2017, Ofcom placed a requirement on the BBC to ensure that a significant proportion of BBC Radio 1 and 2’s airtime was dedicated to ‘new music’.

Today’s consultation proposes to amend the definition of ‘new music’ to better reflect how music is distributed today.

Ofcom says: “In recent years, however, physical sales have increasingly given way to downloads and streaming services, and we consider it appropriate to amend the definition of New Music to take account of these changes.

“This licence variation consultation seeks views on our proposals to update the definition of New Music used to assess Radio 1 and Radio 2’s compliance with their respective requirements and to adjust the associated new music obligation for Radio 1.”

Views on the proposals are invited by 20 February 2018.

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  1. Neal says

    Pity they are not as bothered about how much NEW music is played by their commercial radio buddies!!

    1. Martin says

      Well said Neal

    2. Carl Waring says

      Exactly, Neal.

      They *already* play a far more varied range of music as it is, *including* new stuff.

  2. Adrian says

    Good point Neal,also Whilst programming new music is important I think the quality is a vital factor-why play any old tosh just because it’s new and you’ve got to keep with a quota?-the commercial stations are now apparently going to be able to play what they like so why unfairly put unnecessary limitations on the BBC?

  3. MARK LEVY says

    Nothing will change.

  4. Lee says

    I echo your thoughts Neal. Double standards from OFCOM again.

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