Breakfast and Drivetime changes at Lincs FM

Lincs FM evening show presenter Joseph Begley is moving to the Breakfast Show at Lincs FM, replacing Rob Hammond.

Joseph takes over the 5am to 10am show on March 5th, whilst Rob moves back to afternoon drive. Former afternoon presenter Andy Fenton will return to his roots, taking over from Joseph presenting weekday evenings 6pm-10pm.

Daytime host John Marshall’s staying where he is currently from 10am to 2pm each weekday.

Commenting on the new line-up, Lincs FM’s Programme Manager, Sam Heywood said: “There’s something about Joseph that makes you pause and listen. He’s free-spirited and creative, yet sensible and intelligent. When he opens the mic he’ll either make you laugh, teach you something you didn’t know or tell you something he’s paid to – without it feeling like that’s exactly what he’s doing!”

Rob has been with the station for almost 15 years, hosting afternoon drive before moving to breakfast in 2014.

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  1. Steve says

    Looking at their long term RAJARs is this not a case of reorganising the deckchairs on the Titanic whilst the Global iceberg is rapidly approaching? The output is stuck in the 90s without even any production beds to keep things moving. This worked in a captive market, but look at audience share, the listeners are diverging across DAB. There seems to be a distinct lack of vision from station management, I seem to remember a revolt nearly happened not so long back too. If this group can succeed for the future it needs a reshape, a focus on the 25 to 49 age group instead of trying to be everything to everyone, and some brutal choices have to be made.

    Otherwise I can see the DAB licence looking very attractive to Global, I can see Lincs becoming Heart, Smooth Lincolnshire launching on the smaller FM platforms and wider on local DAB. It’s sorry to see the demise of this group knowing how good they were in their original market, but that market has moved on and the group hasn’t.

  2. Radio Producer says

    Presenters change slots eh?

    Will anyone notice ??

  3. Loomesy says

    I think Lincs FM needs to split the station to be honest. Lincs FM should aim for 80s, 90s, 00’s and now and then create Lincs Hits on DAB broadcasting chart hits and young, fresh, new presenters and more up to date imaging. Compass could be turned into Lincs Classic Hits broadcasting 60s, 70s and 80s (the 80s songs overlap with the main Lincs FM station).

  4. Steve says

    I’m not sure splitting output is radical enough, younger audiences in the north look to Viking, in Lincoln they look to Hallam. The competition for hit radio is massive and the group doesn’t have young appeal. I think the group needs to find their niche and acknowledge they will never have the historical audience figures again. Lose the decades genre that won’t work, this is already well catered for. Basically if I were station programmer for a month I’d automate output between 7pm and 7am putting out a heart style playlist. Then I’d run breakfast between 7 and 10, automate until 12, live until 2, automate to 4, then live to 7pm. The automated playlist in the day would be similar to Sky Radio in Netherlands.

    Next I’d look at having all speech outside adverts to either be bed or music backed, and bring in shotguns between tracks instead of speech.

    This will cost jobs granted, but the group is at a do or die stage from an outsider perspective. It’s the 1990’s ITV takeover period for the radio industry. Lincs has had shareholder revolts headed off, a station with a perceived lack of direction, year on year drops on RAJAR which must be hitting revenue, I’m not sure when the group last delivered a dividend.

    The thing is I’m not sure there’s anyone in the group who would take brave steps to save the brand, maybe the board wants a takeover?

  5. mark budgen says

    The station only targets the Grimsby audience in any case. It’s never been a “county” station, just a North East Lincolnshire focused on coming from central Lincolnshire.

  6. Harvey says

    I like Lincs fm, am 19 and funny enough differ from this so-called crap chart music these days, Lincs FM play a bit of everything and that makes it good, it like Chris Moyles on Radio X it has its own style making it different and unique. And the presenters on Lincs FM are predominantly from Lincolnshire making it truly local, if I presented on Lincs FM it would be something to admire and be an inspiration to generations like the current presenters are. Like rob Hammond is great at his job inspired me to hopefully one day be a presenter. Linc’s FM don’t need any corporations it should just stick to being the decent station it already is. From a true yellow belly!

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