Wirral Radio creates lock-in studio stunt

Presenters at Wirral Radio have locked themselves in the studio to draw attention to their plea for help to revive the station.

At 5pm on Monday 19th February Wirral Radio’s Ian Kenyon locked himself in the main studio at the Wirral Media Centre. He was joined by fellow Breakfast Show co-presenter Beverly Macca shortly after. They then broadcast through the night and are still on air now. It is unknown when they will leave the studio.

The reason for the sit-in is to highlight the Crowdfunding page in place to help save the station as it faces possible closure. They are also raising awareness of all the charitable work that goes on as well as broadcasting. Wirral Radio is still in talks with possible investors to rescue the popular local radio station.

The station tells us many people have been ringing to show support and people have been dropping supplies off at the Media Centre. Wirral Radio’s social media platforms are also mostly full of support for the station too.

Ian and Bev have both said on-air that they are passionate about Wirral Radio, not just the broadcasting but all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

The station ‘closed‘ suddenly last week but continued to provide football commentary and other content ever since. It started life as 7 Waves Radio and obtained a £1m grant in 2007 to build a media centre and launch the station on FM using a community radio licence.

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  1. Jonty says

    the whole episode screams publicity stunt

  2. Colin Williams says

    Good luck to them! There’s a plot for an Alan Partridge film in here somewhere!

  3. Jean fortune says

    Problems at Wirral, £1M grant and it has money worries,i would love to see who got paid and salaries at Wirral radio.

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