Bob Harris goes live from his shed on Radio 2


A number of radio presenters are ‘broadcasting from home’ during the severe weather conditions, including Bob Harris who’s on Radio 2 from his own shed.

Bob has made emergency arrangements to broadcast the country music show from a makeshift studio at the end of his garden as he could not get to Wogan House.

Harris, who is among the many commuters across the country facing travel disruption due to the adverse weather conditions, said his journey to London usually takes around an hour and a half by car or train.

He said: “This terrible weather means that I can’t travel up to London to do the show as usual as we’re expecting more heavy snow later this afternoon.Luckily we’re able to hook up with Radio 2 from my home studio in my shed, located under our apple tree in the back garden, where I usually put the programme together.

“On the plus side, this means that my commute to work has shrunk to just 30 seconds!”

The 71-year-old added: “I’m enlisting my wife Trudie and son Miles, both of whom work with me in the family business, to give me a hand – or at least keep me topped up with tea and biscuits!”

Elsewhere, BBC Radio Scotland’s mid-morning show was presented from Salford today (Thursday) as all other presenters could not attend the studio. Calum Macdonald tweeted a photo of him inside a small studio at BBC Radio 5 live in MediaCityUK, adding: “Literally everyone else is snowed in and can’t get to a studio”.

A number of BBC local radio stations are dropping the networked evening show from 7pm to provide ongoing local coverage of the weather, and special content has been broadcast across a number of commercial and community radio stations to help listeners stay informed of the so-called Beast from the East.

And in Ireland, Christmas FM has returned for the day to cover the snowfall, playing winter and Christmas songs online and via its usual apps.

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  1. David says

    Why would you broadcast from your shed? Why not from the house. Truly mad

    1. joe says

      His wife won’t have his programme on in the house. She has taste!

      1. Neal says

        Bet she will be listening. If only stations were swamped with DJ’s of the quality of Bob Harris together with his extensive musical knowledge what a breath of fresh air UK radio would again become as opposed to the stagnant backwater we now have on most stations with the “that was, this is” often celebrity brigade playing the same safe songs picked by a computer/brain dead management person day in day out!

        1. joe says

          If he talked a little less about himself all the time he might be bearable. Listening to his interviews it’s embarrassing just how much he goes on about himself. His favourite word seems to be “I”.

          It’s a shame as some of the music he plays is good.

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