Former Radio Clyde MD Alex Dickson has died

Former Radio Clyde Managing Director and presenter Alex Dickson has died at the age of 82.

Tributes have been paid to his former staff and colleagues, whilst Clyde 2 has tweeted its own message announcing his death.

During his time as Head of News, Alex set up a training centre within Radio Clyde for journalists, attracting students from across the UK and was responsible for launching a number of well-known broadcasters’ careers including Jackie Bird, Ross King, Bill Turnbull and Paul Coia.

He went on to serve as Head of Programming, winning a succession of awards for Radio Clyde. He took up the position of Managing Director of Radio Clyde in 1996 before retiring in 2000.

Graham Bryce, Group Managing Director of Bauer Radio in Scotland said: “Alex Dickson was an inspirational broadcaster, an influential leader and one of the key figures in the growth of UK commercial radio.

“The high editorial standards and attention to detail he insisted upon were legendary and set the bar for others to follow. Our thoughts are with his family and many friends at this sad time.”

Alex Dickson was an Honorary Air Commodore of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force and received the Queen’s Volunteer Reserves Medal (Q.V.R.M.).

Phil Riley writes: “Really sad day for commercial radio in the UK with the passing of Radio Clyde legend Alex Dickson. He was a hero of mine, always delightful company to be with, and wrote me innumerable notes over the years that I still have and treasure. He will be missed.”

Roger Walker, who worked with Alex, writes: “Desperately sad to hear that one of the greats of Scottish radio, Alex #Dickson has died. Alex gave me my first job in the industry at Radio Clyde News My condolences to you all and to his family. RIP Chiefie! There’s a memo in your pigeon hole!”

And Clyde Broadcast also paid tribute via Twitter this morning: “Clyde Broadcast are saddened to hear of the passing of Alex Dickson, former MD of Radio Clyde. A number of our team worked with Alex in the infancy of our company. That relationship between Radio Clyde and Clyde Broadcast is still held today. Our thoughts are with his family.”

Alex Dickson is survived by his wife Anna, aged 82 and son Simon, a successful TV producer with Channel 4.

Here’s a tribute from Howard Hughes, who you can hear more from on this week’s RadioToday Programme podcast:

“I first met Alex Dickson when I was on the Radio Clyde News “ILR” News Training Course in the 1980s. Stations from all over the UK would send young people to Glasgow to receive a taste of “the Clyde way.” And it was a good way. A Form for everything – and extreme precision in all things. I was “just a kid” and pretty useless – but Alex and the team were firm but kind. He was not best pleased when I thwarted one of the training tests. I was the one given a Marantz recorder “nobbled ” with dead batteries ahead of an interview. I checked it and swiftly swapped it for one of their own newsroom machines – which was working. A reporter did not check – and went out on a story with the dud machine. Alex gave me a mild telling off – but with a twinkle in his eye because I had checked and I’d beaten the test. Years later Alex invited me back to train his team – and teams from all over Scotland. I was flown up twice and was treated with great warmth and kindness. Alex was a massive champion of my career – a true supporter. He would write me warm but very precise letters and emails always ending with the words “Yours Aye….Alex…” One of the big figures of my life and times is gone and this is a sad day. RIP Alex.”

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Posted on Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 at 11:07 am by Duty Reporter

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