Eddie Mair to host the Drivetime show on LBC

Eddie Mair will take over the Drivetime show on LBC starting on September 3rd, replacing Iain Dale.

The former Radio 4 PM host will be on-air for two hours, from 4pm till 6pm weekdays, as part of a revamped schedule, putting him up against his former BBC slot.

Eddie announced he was leaving the BBC last month, with Global announcing the next day that he will be joining LBC.

Other changes include Nigel Farage moving to an earlier time slot from 6pm to 7pm, while Iain Dale hosts a brand-new weekday evening show, Monday to Thursday from 7pm to 10pm.

LBC is also introducing a new late-night programme hosted by Tom Swarbrick. Tom will front the show Sunday to Thursday from 10pm to 1am, following his stint on the weekend breakfast programme.

Andrew Castle will host LBC’s Saturday and Sunday breakfast shows from 7am to 10am.

James Rea, LBC’s managing editor, told RadioToday: “LBC is home to the nation’s most respected and formidable broadcasters – and it’s terrific to welcome Eddie to our powerhouse presenting team. As we launch our new autumn schedule, LBC will continue to lead the way in opinionated and compelling speech radio, stimulating debate on the issues that people are really talking about.”

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  1. Reg Fardell says

    I am pleased about Eddie taking over from Ian Dale. Probably more Conservative blather but that’s life!

  2. Chris says

    Your Autumn morning schedule has remained the same for years and is very stale and predictable.
    Ian Dale would have been ldeal for the 19am slot.

  3. Adrian says

    When I listened to LBC many years ago there was a lot of hard news coverage and having sampled it recently have been disappointed at how much of the time is taken up with listeners calls and opinionated presenters,there were always mid morning and late evening phone-ins but the rest of the time you got a lot of news as it happened.No doubt it is much cheaper to have presenters and listeners rabbit on for hours about a few subjects in the headlines and what’s in the papers but the station no longer appeals to me,will Eddie Mair just be mainly taking calls and not presenting a serious news programme as before?..

    1. Reg Fardell says

      I am happy to listen to James O’Brien and Sheila Fogarty. The rest are mundane and too biased one way or the other especially Farage (ugh!)



  5. Dan Dean says

    All LBC presenters are politically biased and make no secret of the fact…it is part of the station’s agenda, which I don’t listen too very much because of all the bore at the bar callers. I don’t have an issue with it, it just is not for me. Iain Dale is one of the few I do listen ..in fact the only one!!!…O ‘Brian treats me like an idiot and talks down to me, and the fat man at Breakfast is just about him really…and at times sounds a nasty little fat man !!!!!. I am sure Eddie Mair will be able to adapt to presenting on LBC …it will be interesting to see how the audience takes to him because he is an very good broadcaster but lacks Dale’s warmth and being able to relate to “ordinary” people. Another one of Dale’s strengths. You always feel that people like him even when they disagree….you feel that he would acknowledge you if you said hello to him on a train!!…Mair would pretend he did not hear you!!!!! I don’t listen to LBC that often ..when I do it is to Iain Dale….and because of his openness in all things from politics to family and all in-between I feel I know him as a person….that is always the sign of a good communicator.

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