British radio presenter Gavin Ford found dead

Gavin Ford, a British radio presenter who has been at Radio One in Lebanon for the last 20 years, has died.

Reports say the breakfast show host was murdered in his apartment and his car was stolen.

His body was found on Tuesday morning at his address in the town of Beit Mery, just outside Beirut.

The station posted the sad news on its Facebook page today, saying: “We are heartbroken to announce the passing of our dear Gavin Ford, a member of our team for many joyful years. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family, friends and colleagues all over the world.”

“Rest In Peace Gavin.”

His colleagues raised the alarm after Gavin didn’t show up for his breakfast show on Monday morning.

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  1. Martin UTB says

    Can Piers Morgan be his replacement.
    Seriously tho this is really sad news.
    I have heard his show and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Such a tragedy and for what?
    RIP Gavin.

  2. Mr Boltar says

    Whatever anyone says, most Arab countries are really not safe to work in long term. I don’t really get why someone would want to live and work there unless they or their family come from there originally. Is the money really worth it?

  3. Phill Bird says

    Gavgo, your birthday last Sunday too – How I will miss my mate of 35 years… tragic. Thanks for years of friendship, loyalty, many many laughs (real rib-ticklers!), a few studio tantrums, dodgy driving, endless voiced-jingles, for getting me my first job in radio at Contact 94 & for introducing me to the Canary Island that I would make home for half of each year. You were a one-off and I can’t imagine not seeing you ever again… just cannot fathom it . I missed you ‘cos you were so far away and now . .. and now.. it’s unspeakable. I trust your Soul can feel the outpouring of LOVE and respect, that has been posted on social media in Lebanon, since this horrendous news broke. In your 23 years at Radio One Lebanon & on ‘Gavin Ford in the morning’ you have delivered .. and beyond – just look at the countless FB messages (and I mean countless). They LOVED you!!!! I was there last year and witnessed you up ’til 1 in the morning prepping your breakfast show – after coming in from ‘a freebie’ that you were expected to attend (night after night!). RIP / DEP Gavin Scott Ford. Love Phillip Bird (as you’ve always called me since meeting in the record library at Cotswold Hospital Radio in 1983)

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