Extra Welsh programmes and presenters for Capital Cymru

Capital Cymru is dropping networked programmes in favour of providing more Welsh programmes and presenters.

The weekday line-up from tomorrow, Thursday 23rd May, includes Alistair James (current breakfast presenter) on from 6am till 10am. He’ll be followed by a new Welsh mid-morning show from 10am with Dafydd Griffith, before Kev Bach’s 2pm – 7pm weekday show.

Kev was previously on-air for six hours weekdays from 1pm till 7pm.

The station will then play non-stop music from 7pm till 6am, with more Welsh songs in each show, and an hour of Welsh songs from 5am.

Networked programmes from JJ (overnights) Lauren Layfield (early breakfast) Will Manning (mid-mornings) Jimmy Hill (evenings) and Marvin Humes (lates) will no longer be aired.

Will Manning said goodbye to his listeners in Wales via a split link just before 1pm on Wednesday, promoting the new show with Dafydd Griffith from tomorrow.

Alistair and Kev continue to host their Saturday and Sunday morning shows respectively, with Cerian Griffith continuing to present her weekend afternoon show from 12pm – 4pm every Saturday and Sunday.

The only networked show will be The Official Big Top 40 chart on Sundays.

Capital Cymru broadcasts on 103FM to Gwynedd and Anglesey, and originally launched as Champion 103 in 1998 before changing to Heart in 2010. It carries extra requirements in its Format to provide a bilingual music and information service centring on the tastes and interests of the Caernarfon area.

Ofcom says the station should provide at least three hours a day of local programming during daytime weekdays, plus at least hourly during daytime weekdays and peaktime weekends.

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  1. Mark Levy says

    Lucky Wales!

    1. AndrewB says

      Lucky part of Wales. Capital Cymru’s broadcast only to Anglesey and Gwynedd

      1. Mr Boltar says

        And even there a large proportion of the population don’t speak welsh. I wonder if we’ll get Capital Polska at some point in some cities? Ashley could coin it in.

  2. Will says

    Will actually said “I’m back with you from 10am 🥴 Kev’s with you next”

  3. Will says

    Probably good change the way they’ve done this because it was a different schedule completely. I think when Roman Kemp launched around the UK he was promoted on Cymru the show before maybe in shows here and there as well which isn’t great especially for any long time listeners who don’t want to lose their presenter which they didn’t or new listeners who are awaiting roman kemp and don’t get him

    1. Will says

      On another note, North Wales (separate) has an hour of Capital Cymru with Alistair James between 5:00-6:00 which doesn’t get introduced before the show gets teased as it was still being continued

  4. Rob says

    Im happy for Wales, but thats totally not fair, the rest of the UK is stuck with Blooming Roman Kemp, i would have dino, pete and tyles back anyday, this is not fair Global

  5. T1 says

    See, Global aren’t all bad!

  6. David says

    Is Ashley ill?

    1. Ron Dobbyn says

      Whatever happened to Majorie Wynn Williams, and John Darren? Does anyone remember those great Radio Wales serials on ” Children,s Hour”?

  7. Andy says

    It’ll be a sweetener for offcom so they can do something once heart networks. I wonder if it’s to do with communicorp and asset swaps?

    1. mb23 says

      Any asset swaps are nothing to do with Ofcom, it’s a matter for the CMA.

  8. Ron Dobbyn says

    No 9 in Portmerion wants a music request played on Capital Cymru, ” We got to get out of this place” .

    1. Tony worrall says

      Currently at No. 6 will it get to No. 2 ?!!!

  9. Howickmoor86 says

    Are Global preparing to sell off Capital Cymru, which to be honest is Capital in name only now, maybe to someone like Townsquare Media, who own 322 radio stations in the U.S. – maybe this could give them expansion into the British market?

    This Capital Cymru feels like 2BR in a way, as that waa local 6am-7pm, but automated 7pm-6am weekdays and at weekends local 9am-1pm but automated the rest of the time.

    Nation Radio would have competition issues, Bauer already own some assets in Wales.

    The only reasonable buyers I can see would be DC Thomson (a Welsh outpost, they own Scottish stations like Wave 102, Kingdom FM), or Townsquare Media, an American corporation. Then again there’s Canadian company Bell Media Radio (who own a BOB FM franchise) – a Canadian equivalent to Bauer – they might be looking for a foothold into the United Kingdom.

    Bell Media Radio might be a good fit for Capital Cymru, it could be rebranded as Sun FM (assuming there’s no trademark conflicts with Nation Radio), back to Champion 103 or even Star 103.

    In Canada, Bell Media Radio do a lot of Canadian content per the national law – I can see their expertise being good with Capital Cymru, which requires Welsh content (the radio scene in Quebec is a sort of analog of Wales, so to speak).

    I wonder if Bauer would ever sell out to Bell Media Radio in the near future to concentrate on its publishing and magazines division?

    Bell Media probably would do more networking than Bauer, but I can’t see them introducing Canadian network shows over here!! (heard some over Amazon Alexa… and some of their stations are good!)

    This is an unusual development – normally Global are networking, but completely removing it. Interesting times ahead!

  10. Dan Dean says

    Ashley is not ill as one here suggested!.
    This move will not cost a penny, and gets rid of something that they don’t see as part of the “brand”.
    If this move generates more money than at present then it will carry on, if not , it will be sold for next to nothing and become part of Nation etc.
    Global are the only real winner.

    1. David says

      Was a light hearted joke!
      Extra presenters cost money.
      But it won’t break the bank.

  11. Mr Boltar says

    So if your listeners speak a minority 2nd language they get Ofcom mandated local programming. Otherwise you get the same beige national rubbish as everywhere else.

    1. Sb says

      Capital’s managing to coax millions of young people into listening to the radio – which is essential for the future of the medium. It’s a big, national, glossy brand. And it works for this audience. Do you really, honestly think more local jocks is what the average 20-year-old is crying out for from their music radio station?

      1. mb23 says

        Welsh is the first language in this area, so you could say it’s a commercial opportunity to compete with Radio Cymru, rather than an obligation.

    2. t1 says

      Wow Mr Boltar- how can you display such a negative comment on what is a positive story ?

      1. Mr Boltar says

        If stating a fact is appears negative to you then thats too bad.

        1. sj says

          “Beige national rubbish” is an opinion, not a fact. What IS fact is that millions of young people are listening to Capital and choosing to listen to radio despite having grown up with more ways of entertaining and informing themselves than any generation before them.

    3. Matt - Conwy says

      Sorry – Welsh is the official language of Wales and for a large number of North Walians, their first language.

      1. mr boltar says

        But for most people in wales it isn’t. Making it the official language was just political posturing by the welsh assembly.

        1. mb23 says

          The Welsh Language Act was put on the statute book in 1993 by the Westminster Government, six years before the Welsh Assembly was elected.

        2. Michael V says

          Maybe not so much in South Wales but mid & North Wales Welsh is the 1st language.

          Global will sell it it can’t get it’s own way…

          1. mb23 says

            Even if they plan to sell it that doesn’t explain why they have hired another presenter at this point (or why they started on a Thursday).

            They are now providing more Welsh language than the Ofcom minimum rules, what they were doing before was adequate to meet the terms of the licence. It’s all very mysterious.

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