Friends and colleagues leave tributes to John Myers

Tributes are being paid to John Myers following his death at the age of 60.

Read our obituary for John here.

You can leave your own tribute or story about John on our Facebook post.

Here’s some of the reaction to John’s passing from Twitter…

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  1. Dan Dean says

    I did not know John Myers but was aware of him and his contribution to radio, and the list of condolences are proof of his standing as a person and broadcast legend. We will never see his like again because the landscape has changed and that is very sad. He leaves far to early but his influence and contribution will last a lot longer. He will be missed by his friends for his knowledge and wisdom that is obvious from the tributes, but more so by his family because for them the loss is forever….

  2. Rod Hardisty says

    There will be so many tributes to John than I can imagine. Not only was he a top professional but a friend to the people he employed.
    I first met him in 1982 at what was then ‘Red Rose Radio’. Since then I’ve worked for him at two other stations and have the utmost respect for him.
    Of course, we now focus our minds on his wife Linda, Kerry and Scott at their unexpected loss.
    RIP my friend.


    I didn’t know John Myers, but know he done loads in radio. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time.

  4. Phil Critchlow says

    Such a shock to hear the very sad news about John Myers. Many were touched by John’s legendary humour and experience of life. Always there if needed, always selflessly offering boundless energy, common sense and a unique and deep wisdom. He’ll be missed hugely by those of us who were fortunate enough to have known him as a friend and colleague, but I’m sure infinitely more so by the family who were clearly the centre of his life. Thoughts are with you.

  5. sj says

    I never met John and didn’t have the chance to work with him. But (such was his character) through his book, following him on social media and listening to him on the Radio Today podcast, I strangely feel like I knew him well! His wit, passion for radio, insight and general banter was always a delight and will be greatly missed far beyond his friends and family. Love and thoughts to them.

  6. John Hepworth says

    I feel shell-shocked at the news of the death of John (Morgan) Myers. I remember how excited the north east was at the launch of Century radio in September 1994. We finally had a station that only played the best music and had great personality presenters. John’s breakfast show was a must listen event, he had everyone listening, wetting themselves with laughter. When he moved to their station in Manchester, I found that the signal was receivable here and so I could still listen to the master. When he moved to Wales, I could listen via the sky box. Over the years I rang him on his programmes numerous times and shared many a session of banter with him, trading insults and laughing together. It was so sad when Border TV sold Century to Capital, who just turned it into another same old formula station. John was different to the other radio managers, he threw the formulaic method in the bin and broke the mould. Before radio, he did gigs with a mobile disco, as I did for 28 years. I applied for a presenting job at Century North East, unsuccessfully. They hired Graham Mack on that occasion, another great presenter that I shared many a laugh with on air. The first time I met John, I was surprised by how big he was, I joked with him that I thought he was John Simons’ bodyguard until I heard him utter his catchphrase “Mornin’ me darlin’. ” A great radio man taken away too soon. He would have been the biggest breakfast show presenter in the country if BBC radio 2 had him for their show. The biggest shock for myself was that I am only a couple of months older than he was and it brings it home that life is too short but he brightened my life in the mornings with his programme and the rest of the day with the station he created. The whole entity of radio is poorer for his passing.John Myers was what Marconi invented the radio for. My sympathies to his family, a big light has gone out for them. I’m sure he’ll be putting together Heaven FM right now.

  7. John Coxhead says

    Heartbroken to hear this news, spoke to John most days over the last 6 months John was a very dear freind. John infact came to see my first major buinsess when I was only the age of 17-18 introduce my other great freind and has been there for me as a mentor, freind and hero some 15-16 years on. recently we started to work with each other on new my group of companies and his help his one liners, direct approach and experience has as always been profound. He will always be remembered as a kind hearted, gifted and inspirational man. Sombody I will truly miss. I sadly only met his family once, whilst in dubai when we coincidentally bumped into each other it was lovely to meet them as John was truly lovely people, my family thoughts are with you all.
    Always will be in my thoughts it was a true homie to call you a freind, I will continue to do you proud Team. Always in my thoughts, just devistated

  8. Paul Kavanagh says

    Just last week I saw the picture of John with Phil and Rachel and thought how well he looked. I has not seen any of them in some time. John Myers was a great example of how one can get things done and work with everyone. I am very sorry to hear of his passing. Thinking of his family, friends and the many he touched and helped in the radio business.
    RIP John

  9. Mike Leary says

    Just could not take the news in. John Myers, a man who had the most honest & genuine nature that so many learned from, during his life in broadcasting and the DJ world. I am certain that his knowledge of the industry rubbed off on all that met him, and his idealism of radio programming will carry on, with his name on all broadcasters lips.
    I was fortunate to work in clubland in the early days of vinyl with him and he was so proud of CFM starting up, offering me a position spinning the discs, as John quipped ( if my wife would let me stop up late). Tuned in regular to Red Rose and belly laughed at the phone – ins. He said once, some people complained about some of the shows content, but that’s the way forward, he was right it worked. John used to say, if you can’t laugh and make people happy on radio, then you are in the wrong career. We will never forget Border TV and Fireman Fred who Fights Fires. Whether it was John Myers or John Morgan, he was a hero and will be sadly missed, but will always be on air.
    Sincere sympathy to all his family. R.I.P. John.

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