Fix Radio plans to give out free cash in the streets

Fix Radio is planning to hand out twenty-pound notes in celebration of National Tradesman’s Day this week.

On Friday morning, the exact location of the giveaway will be announced live on the Breakfast show with Ugly Phil.

Producer Jack will then be loaded up with twenty-pound notes ready to hand them out to any tradespeople.

The location is currently top secret until announced on-air.

Programme Director, Graham Mack told RadioToday: “It’ll be a very busy public place that’s easy to get to. All I’ll say is that the location is also the name of a song we never play.

“We originally wanted to do something creative to get the word out about Fix Radio and National Tradesman’s Day but in the end we decided it would just be easier bribe people.”

Fix Radio broadcasts on DAB in London and Manchester.

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  1. Michael Bolton says

    Tradespeople always like cash! No VAT 🙂

  2. Sound of Home says

    Smacks of desperation really. Yes, commercial radio has always sought to ‘buy’ listeners by giving away free money but I’m not sure £20 notes will cut the mustard when other stations are offering thousands of pounds?

    Graham Mack stated they originally wanted to do something ‘creative’ but ended up with the free money option. And therein lies the problem with commercial radio these days. A lack of creativity! It’s mostly just very bland aural wallpaper with minimal content.

  3. Radio Geordie says

    ‘The location is also the name of a song we never play’.

    Given that the service can only be heard on DAB in London & Manchester, I’m guessing it’s one of those.

    1. Ted says


  4. Joe Smith says

    Is the location in the gutter?

  5. Mr Boltar says

    When Fix Radio first started up I tuned in occasionally hoping to here some sort of homes/DIY program. All I ever heard was Golden Oldies. Whats the point of the station if it doesn’t do what it says on the tin?

  6. Hollywood Bear says

    If Ugly is involved I’m into it.

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