Facebook Group created for coronavirus radio ideas

A new Facebook Group has been created for all radio stations around the world to curate and exchange ideas on how they are dealing with coronavirus COVID-19.

It’s been set up in America by Benztown and P1 Media Group, providing research, strategies and consulting for anyone wanting to join and share.

The Group is called Coronavirus Radio Ideas and already has over 500 members including many from the UK.

Andreas Sannemann, Chief Executive Officer, Benztown, said: “Today, the radio industry is here for people in communities around the world, just as it has been through good and bad times over the years. We are glad to be able to bring together radio professionals across the globe through this new Facebook page and meeting place.

“We are hoping that it will serve as an inspirational space for radio stations to connect around the Coronavirus by sharing their creative concepts, sparking new ideas in the process that will ultimately help people.”

Ken Benson, Partner, P1 Media Group, noted: “We can do so much more together than separately. This terrible pandemic is presenting an opportunity for radio to educate, inform and even entertain listeners like never before. We hope this Facebook Group will empower the international radio community to come together and exchange their ideas and experiences as we work to serve our communities.”

Meanwhile, a video has been produced showing the events of the You’ll Never Walk Alone syndication – which you can see here.

And hundreds of radio stations in the UK and Ireland came together to broadcast a round of applause for NHS Staff on Thursday evening at 8pm.

Posted on Thursday, March 26th, 2020 at 10:07 pm by Roy Martin

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