Meet D Love - digital radio's secret weapon
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Meet D Love – digital radio’s secret weapon

A new character called D-Love has been unveiled at a radio conference held at the BBC’s New Broadcasting House on Monday, to promote digital radio.

Digital evangelist D Love, who you can hear addressing delegates in the Audioboo below, will be at the centre of a £10 million two-year industry communications campaign on BBC TV/Radio and commercial radio.

Cars will be an important focus for the promotions, as the Drive 2 Digital conference announced new consumer research conducted by Digital Radio UK and Auto Trader which shows high satisfaction levels (82%) among drivers with digital radio in their car and high willingness to recommend to others.

Broadcast Minister Ed Vaizey announced that the countdown to radio switchover now had inevitable momentum and that Government would announce a decision on radio switchover in 2013.

The Minister said that digital listening had increased to nearly a third of all listening and that a quarter of new cars were now fitted with digital radio as standard. He said that this great progress demonstrated that listeners love digital radio and that the car industry was fully engaged with the transition to digital.

Over 300 automotive industry and broadcaster attendees also heard about the progress being made on fitting digital radios in cars from the Minister, Top Gear’s James May and from a range of senior car and broadcasting executives.

Peter Davies from Ofcom had news of his own, saying a second attempt at a second national multiplex is definitely on the cards, just a matter of time when they advertise it.

Tim Davie, BBC Director of Audio & Music, confirmed the BBC’s commitment to digital radio and said increases in digital listening meant that the road to a future radio switchover was now clear and inevitable. He said this was due to listeners loving the expanded choice on digital radio and the success of the BBC digital radio stations such as Station of the Year 6 Music, Radio 4 Extra and the digital pop-up station BBC Radio 5 Live Olympics Extra.

Davie announced that specific plans for BBC National DAB coverage buildout to 97% would be confirmed in spring 2013, with a focus on ensuring that all motorways and major road networks were covered.

Attendees heard that there is a wide range of digital adaptors that will enable any motorist to get digital radio in their existing car and The Institute of the Motor Industry announced the launch of a new digital installer training scheme for the industry.

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  1. Stuart

    Surely Tabor could be digital radio’s secret weapon? Removing LBC from two massive multiplexes, great move, what’s next? Or did you mean a different sort of weapon…?

    1. MB

      Since 1973 LBC has been a talk station for Londoners to discuss issues in the capital so it’s a mystery why some people think it should also be broadcast in places like Yorkshire and Scotland. Shouldn’t it be left as a local station for London?

  2. Geoff Rogers

    Dreadful, and I wish media would stop going about a switchover. There cannot be a switchover, some migration of national services to a digital platform, but why? When most commercial stations are clones of each other and Heart and Capital form a national station by the back door making a nonsense of local radio. It’s left to the small number of true independents and better community stations to fill, the gap, and wait, they will be staying on FM. No problem then bring on DAB for the rest, and good luck!

  3. Mad mouley

    Once again going to have a rant but digital radio is pretty useless, not very good portable, very high on power. Poor quality better and stronger on analogue. Internet radio and analogue radio is still the way forward

  4. dave

    When are they going to realise DAB is dead in water !!!. Regional mux are closeing down next year !! DAB stations are closeing down !! Plant rock up for sale ??.

  5. Mitch J

    They spent 10 million on that old bollocks….?

    It’s like something a lazy sixth former would come up with for a school project..

  6. Julian Bray UK

    Well the BBC fell out with A. Love a few years back (Adrian Love) so what ever happened to B and C?

  7. Alex

    Truly embarrassing – if I were them I think would have kept quiet about how much was spent on that!

    It would have been more useful to put the £10m towards the funds needed for an upgrade to DAB+ which is inevitable before digital radio provide a real solution for the whole UK. A really innovative way to start pushing digital radio and get some deserved attention would be to commence a reverse build-out with DAB+ working inwards from the most remote and currently unserved areas towards the centre with a rolling upgrade program.

    1. MB

      I think you’re confused about DAB+. All of the UK’s current transmitters (and multiplexes) are capable of transmitting DAB+ services (or even a mixture of DAB & DAB+ services on the same mux). No upgrades are required to any of the transmitters. The only reason for the absence of DAB+ stations in the UK is the lack of suitable receivers.

      1. Alex

        I meant “upgrade” in the sense of upgrading the service (which is all that’s important for listeners). The details of any transmitter changes aren’t significant since they are very few compared to the number of receivers, though there would be substantial work to be done on distribution routing to take advantage of better facilities for local/regional services.
        The receivers issue is the whole reason for suggesting a ‘reverse buildout” – there is no installed base of existing old DAB-only sets In the large currently unserved areas, and it’s some time since the EU mandated that all new sets should be DAB+ capable.

        1. MB

          There are no “large unserved areas” for DAB, the BBC’s national multiplex covers 94% of the population across the UK and Digital One covers about 90%. People in areas with no local mux have purchased DAB sets to listen to national stations.

          The EU doesn’t have the power to mandate DAB+, they can only recommend it as a “kite-mark” scheme.

  8. Dave

    I hope tabor pulls more stations off DAB & kills it off before they wast even more cash ! It,s only the BBC that wan,t it ???. Time for all the commercial stations to pull off DAB .

  9. Black Bart

    Isn’t this ad campaign a total rip off of an earlier commercial which also featured a mini ‘Barry White’ character…might have been in the 80s (when it was acceptable).

  10. Phil Dawson

    nearly a third?… it’s 29% actually – which means OVER 70% radio listening is still on analogue. and How much of that 29% is actually DAB – which is what they’re trying to promote.

    And what an awful commercial – bad concept, badly executed. Just like the whole DAB situation.

    1. MB

      The share of digital listening in the UK is 35% of the total, with FM/AM accounting for 63% (the other 2% is unspecified).
      In London the digital listening share is 41%.

  11. Electronic Engineer

    Some people might suggest that BBC is in breach of its charter by inflicting this propaganda on licence payers, encouraging them to waste their money on inferior DAB radios rather than advising them how they could listen to digital stations for free using the internet or Freeview. If the BBC is so keen on expanding choice then perhaps it might re-assign the money wasted on DAB and stop the cuts to programs produced by its local radio stations. Of course, some BBC local stations aren’t on DAB and possibly never will be. The cynical might imagine these two things are connected …

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