Andy Bush and Richie Firth for Absolute Hometime

Absolute Radio is pairing afternoon show presenter Andy Bush with former breakfast co-host Richie Firth – to replace Dave Berry on the station’s Hometime show.

The duo will take over the slot from September. They replace Dave Berry, who started on the Bauer national station’s breakfast show last week following Christian O’Connell’s departure to Australia.

Andy and Richie have more than 15 years’ combined experience on air from One Golden Square, and will continue to do their solo shows on the digital decades services. Bush does the afternoon show on Absolute 90s, while Firth does the morning show on Absolute 80s.

Richie joined Absolute to work with Christian O’Connell after previously being on his 2CR breakfast show doing the travel news in Bournemouth in the late 90s. Andy Bush moved to Absolute in 2012, after many years on breakfast at Heart/GWR Bristol as part of the Bush and Troy breakfast show.

Andy swaps to Hometime from his current 1-4pm slot which will be taken over by Ben Burrell in the autumn. Pete Donaldson is currently covering the Hometime slot over the summer and Ben is covering Pete’s late show.

Andy Bush & Richie Firth said “This will be a show by the people for the people. No showboating, just us two talking about our lives. We’re looking forward to bringing great music, excellent listener stories and we’ll aim to put a smile on listeners’ faces whilst they’re stuck in traffic. We’re both blessed to have a great relationship with the Absolute Radio listeners, and we want to make a show that’s all about that relationship.”

Paul Sylvester, Absolute Radio Content Director, told RadioToday: “Andy and Richie are two of Absolute Radio’s best-loved and most talented presenters. Uniting them for this show gives us a new focus and the opportunity to create a programme which lives on-air, on social media and on-demand, talking to listeners as they waste time at the end of the working day, as they commute home and as they cook dinner.”

On Ben Burrell’s move to the afternoon show, Paul told us: “Ben is a brilliant broadcaster whose rise through the radio ranks demonstrates that traditional radio career paths still exist for talented and tenacious young people. He has constantly evolved and has quickly become one of the station’s most popular presenters. He is the perfect successor to Andy Bush.”

The changes will take effect from 24th September 2018.

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  1. Kakabean says

    Chuffed beyond chuffed. Two of my favs ?. Great decision Bauer, a combo that will deffo work. Happy happy happy.

  2. Russell says

    I would put them on the breakfast slot Richie is quality

  3. Grahame stroud says

    Fantastic news i love these 2 and love absolute radio …. hitlers toilet could be back

  4. Captain Marshmallow says

    Why couldn’t they leave Pete Donaldson on Hometime, was gutted when he was replaced by another drivel talker after Geoff Lloyd and Annabelle Port left…what happened to “more music less talk” ? Pete’s take was a little banter and plenty of decent music, vs forced “humour” and lengthy waffling segments….with “comedy”…..
    Much more chatting and its going to be Talk Radio…..Then again its been downhill since it became Absolute, only recent decent decision was to pull Russ Williams from lunch and replace him with Leona Graham.
    Extremely glad O’Connell is gone, main reason I listened to CDs till Leona came on, found his show annoying, cringeworthy (like someone’s elderly uncle listening to drill music….)
    Been listening to Edge 102.1 via Tunein recently…far more adult and no stupid tacky attempts at comedy…

  5. steve says

    Seems a good pairing, but how come Absolute didn’t offer Jo Wylie loads of dosh to switch from Radio 2.

  6. Phil says

    This is great news. These pair should’ve been give the breakfast show. Dave Berry is more suited to the Drive Time show as he could’ve made this a prime show . With the changes on the Simon Mayo show this has left a huge opening for other stations to grow. Alternatively get Simon Mayo to do the drive time show as he dose not need an assistant with him to present his show.

  7. Phil says

    This is great news. I miss Richie in the mornings and now we will have him in the car each evening. Then streaming Christian in to the night.

  8. chrissy says

    Brilliant ritchie and Andy will be great together.I miss Ritchie in the mornings wish he was back on in the breakfast show though its just not the same now

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