The most read radio industry stories of 2014

It was the year Global finally managed to grow the Heart network, and as a result of the Competition Commission’s ruling, we welcomed a new radio group to the industry.
But was the end of the Real Radio network the biggest story of 2014? Or did you click on something else entirely? One thing is for sure Global has dominated the headlines on RadioToday in 2014, closely followed in second place by Bauer. Have a read below and find out who is number 1!
At 10….

Smooth Radio returns to regional output

Smooth Radio went ‘national’ and networked all output in England 24/7 in 2010. But after the CC results, half of the stations were sold to Communicorp UK meaning the end of networked breakfast and drive. Smooth then had to hire eight regional presenters to meet Ofcom requirements.
At 9….

Real Radio starts Heart transformation

Just a few weeks after Global took full control of Real Radio, branding and music started changing to the Heart way of life. On the first day, we published a story about the subtle changes, and it made the 9th most read story of the year.
At 8….

Alex Lester moved to weekends at Radio 2

In June, changes were announced for BBC Radio 2 which meant an end to the decades-old overnight show with Alex Lester. He’s moving to weekends. The story still ranks at the top of Google and remains a most visited story.
At 7….

Gold drops presenters outside breakfast

One of hundreds of RadioToday exclusives, we revealed in March that Gold was losing all of its presenters outside of breakfast and switching to non-stop music. Paul Coyte, Dean Martin, Eamonn Kelly, Hirsty and Andy Peebles all lost their shows.
At 6….

Robin Galloway to leave Bauer for Heart

Robin Galloway heading back to Scot FM, nay Real Radio, nay, Heart, is the 6th most read story of 2014 on RadioToday. He starts his new show in January with Adele Cunningham, who we announced as his co-host just this week.
At 5….

Bates and Parsons out as Smooth relaunches

In February, Simon Bates was still broadcasting each morning on Smooth Radio along with Lynn Parsons, but along with a number of weekend presenters, they left to make way for Your Relaxing Music Mix and a new schedule.
At 4….

Real Radio presenters leave before Heart

Presenters leaving radio stations seems to be your favourite stories, and 2014 had no shortage of them, as at number 4, is the details of which Real Radio presenters left to make way for Heart in Wales, Scotland and the North of England.
And in to the Top 3 we go… At 3….

Sally Traffic departs Radio 2 Drivetime

We reported the news that Sally Boazman was exiting Simon Mayo’s Drivetime show after what felt like an eternity when Simon Mayo blooged about her ‘leaving’. Turns out she was moving to weekends rather than leaving the station altogether.
At 2….

Simon Hirst leaves Capital FM Yorkshire

The story with the second most amount of clicks in 2014 was the sudden news that Simon Hirst had left Capital Yorkshire. He’d already done his last show by the time the news was announced, so no goodbyes or last shows. He left for holiday, saying ‘seeya a week on Monday’ but never came back. We find out the reason why in our most read story of 2014….
At number 1….

Hirsty announces life changing decision

The nation listened to Simon Hirst on 5 live announce he was about to become Stephanie Hirst, and a normal Saturday night became the biggest story of the year.

Up next?

So we’ve had quite a busy few years in radio with consolidation, major brand expansions and changes at the top two radio groups. What will 2015 bring in radio? Be sure to read our regular predictions for the year ahead in the first edition of #eRADIO in 2015, and let us know your comments below.
Thanks for reading in 2014 and we look forward to serving you in 2015.

Posted on Saturday, December 27th, 2014 at 10:51 am by RadioToday UK

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