Rochelle Humes gets weekend show on Heart

Rochelle Humes is to host a weekly show on Heart across the network, starting this Saturday.

The Saturday’s star will be on-air from 4pm till 7pm, and follows in the footsteps of her husband Marvin who works at Global sister station Capital. Rochelle has covered programmes on Heart before, and co-hosted the Big Top 40 with Marvin.

Rochelle Humes said: “Heart has an incredible presenter line-up and I’m thrilled to be joining the team. I absolutely loved covering shows on Heart last year, so now I’m very excited to have my own show – it’s going to be loads of fun. I’ll be playing all my favourite feel good tunes every Saturday afternoon, and can’t wait to get started this weekend!”

Elsewhere on the schedule, Kevin Hughes from Heart Wales will present Saturday afternoons on Heart from 1pm – 4pm and Heart’s Club Classics will relaunch with Annaliese Dayes every Friday and Saturday night from 7pm – 10pm. James Stewart takes Weekends overnights from 1am to 6am.

Lilah Parsons continues into the night after Club Classics, as the new host of Friday and Saturday nights on Heart from 10pm – 1am. Lilah is best known for co-presenting the breakfast show on Capital in 2016 & 2017, before which she had a weekly MTV show. She starts her brand new shows on Heart this Friday.

Also, Emma Bunton will host a brand new Sunday night show from 7pm in place of Jason Donovan, as well as co-hosting Heart London Breakfast with Jamie Theakston.

James Rea, Managing Editor of Heart, said: “Today we’ve announced a brand new weekend schedule for Heart, as we look forward to a huge year on the UK’s biggest commercial radio brand. We know Rochelle, Lilah and Annaliese will be hugely popular with our listeners, so I’m delighted to welcome them to the new line-up.”

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  1. Joe Smith says

    Sounds awful.

  2. Rob Charles says

    Do celebs really bring in people to the radio? I can’t think of any celeb who i thought made a great Radio presenter. One exception is Frank Skinner on Absolute.

    1. Joe Smith says

      But Frank Skinner has a skill in another field so he isn’t a true “celebrity” which is someone who is famous despite having no talent!

  3. kt869 says

    This is a poor idea from Heart. What Heart needs is to go back to being the local station it was around 2008-2009, when you had less speedlinks, no Turn up the feelgood or networking, and it was a credible alternative to BRMB or Absolute Radio.

    Nowadays, with 2 shows, and mostly London networking, this is poor.

    Rochelle Humes would be better doing her show as a local show for Stray FM or The Pulse of West Yorkshire. Lilah Parsons would fit in well on Wish FM drive maybe instead of Heart.

  4. Lee says

    I am now finding any news stories to do with Global so boring. I just switch off when anyone mentions Global or one of their bland radio stations. I’m so fed up with their destruction of local radio, handing out so many P45’s to staff whose radio stations they take over and always rebrand to one of Globals existing brands in their quest for domination in the UK commercial radio. Thank goodness for radio stations on the internet.

    1. Martin says

      Well said Lee, what made me laugh about the article is when Rochelle said “I can’t wait to play MY feelgood songs”, really Rochelle? What are you going to do, take your own music collection in? Heart sure as hell won’t let you play any of your favourite songs LOL

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