New audio imaging and themes for BBC Radio Wales

BBC Radio Wales has a new sound from today with a custom set of themes and logos from Mcasso.

The BBC National Orchestra of Wales recorded 13 themes over the course of one day, conducted by Mcasso Composer and Orchestrator Mike MacLennan.

They cover news, travel and sport, as well as featured themes for music, arts and current affairs.

Mcasso tells RadioToday they used their entire composing team providing a variety of styles and genres: “With a long list of deliverables and a forthcoming deadline the team worked quickly and efficiently working closely with the station and Colin Paterson, Station Editor of Radio Wales.”

Tom Martin, Managing Director of Mcasso and Music Director said: “It was a pleasure to work with Colin Paterson and the team at BBC Radio Wales, as well as the talented musicians and engineers at the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.

“All involved made it a thoroughly enjoyable and smooth process. We look forward to hearing the new package on air.”

Mcasso recently rebranded the BBC World Service, provided imaging for The RadioToday Programme, and provides the imaging for BBC Local Radio.

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  1. Adrian says

    Never mind the new themes,what about the terrible IMHO new schedule.We have lost Mal Pope’s 5am early show with music and light chat and to give you an example of what has replaced it-it’s 5 live until 5.30 then for example at that time tomorrow out put starts with a half-hour programme in which the science behind the circular economy explored-at that hour of the morning,yet the lady who presents a music programme at 5am on Saturday’s and Sunday’s (surely days when taking 5 live would be more sensible) gets to keep her show,I just don’t understand it!.

    1. mb23 says

      Radio Wales weekly audience reach has fallen by nearly 30% in the last six years (Radio Scotland & Radio Ulster are stable in the same period). It’s worth them trying something different, particularly now that Heart & Capital have given up Welsh breakfast shows..

      1. Adrian says

        Fair enough but do you really think programmes about Body Image,arts for wellbeing,the circular economy and a programme about youngsters leaving rural Wales are going to do well in a 5.30am slot in place of a well presented early music,chat and information show?.

  2. Pat says

    They can spend as much as they want on imaging and themes,what is wanted is some decent programming which surely doesn’t have to include ex or current presenters on their tv news programmes who don’t always sound good on radio.

  3. James says

    I agree with Adrian, the morning show with Mal Pope has gone for us to be left with a rubbish news show, I believe Mals show was popular as it was entertaining, I think Radio Wales will lose a lot more listeners unless the old format is put back in place

  4. Radio Geordie says

    So basically, the BBC have wasted a few grand on changing the logo from red to orange.
    This is the same BBC who keep crying they don’t have enough money.
    Go figure!

  5. Dave says

    Hey, Radio Geordie, the new logo article is talking about the “sonic logo” (I.e. the jingles) not the orange visuals.

  6. fGmProd says

    … some audio expected here ???

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