Brexitcast to end as UK departs EU this month

BBC political podcast Brexitcast is to finish later this month after two and a half years, RadioToday understands.

Formed following the 2017 election on the back of the success of ‘Electioncast’, hosts Adam Fleming and Chris Mason were subsequently joined by the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg and Europe editor Katya Adler. As well as weekly episodes of the podcast, there have been ’emergency Brexitcasts’ to cover the Brexit story from Westminster and Brussels. In total more than 150 episodes have been recorded, with many also airing on BBC Radio 5 Live.

RadioToday has learned that the final episode will be recorded in front of an audience at the BBC Radio Theatre in London next Thursday as the UK prepares to leave the European Union the following day, 31st January. Brexitcast fans have until noon tomorrow (Thurs 23rd January) to apply for tickets to the recording.

It’s understood the Brexitcast team will continue in their Thursday night slot on BBC One after next week, with the programme rebranded as Politics Cast. There’s also expected to be a daily ‘News Cast’ podcast hosted by Adam Fleming.

The TV version of the podcast began in September in the slot previously taken by This Week, and debuted with more than a million listeners. It is also broadcast on the BBC News channel and BBC World News.

Brexitcast won the Listeners’ Choice award at the British Podcast Awards last year.

A BBC News spokesperson declined to comment when contacted by RadioToday.

Meanwhile, The Times and the BBC are reporting that the Victoria Derbyshire daily television show will be taken off air as part of cuts to BBC News budgets. Victoria made the move to TV following many years at BBC Radio 5 Live. The Times suggests a move to digital offerings will be part of the changes being announced next week, including a daily news podcast inspired by the success of The Daily from The New York Times.

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  1. Hiram Ballard says

    The show will have to be replaced with the same presenters explaining how Prime Minister Johnson is doing such a fantastic job of getting new trade agreements with the USA (imports of GMO seed stock, chlorinated chicken, and hormone + antibiotic fed beef, plus paying the price for drugs that USA big pharma demands) in order for the plebeians know that they are truly on the way to the prosperous sunlit uplands for which they voted.

    1. Mr Boltar says

      If you’re worried about chlorinated chicken I wouldn’t go near any salad products in the supermarkets – they’ve been swimming in the stuff.

  2. Mr Boltar says

    Never heard of it. Obviously some steller promotion by the BBC. No doubt it was a bunch of BBC remoaners desperately trying – but failing – to stay balanced.

  3. ciaran flavin says

    apart from adam fleming all the presenters were seemingly to me on an ego trip. Laura Kuennsberg is normally fairly good.

    Bring back this week with andrew neil. It is badly missed

    1. Andrew Cheffins says

      Oh dear and I didn’t manage to hear any of them. So sad.

  4. Stuart Fyvie says

    They are changing the name because Johnson told them to. Brexit is NOT done. It will run for years. Pathetic attempt to appease the government. The show will be uncritical propaganda as to how well the government is doing. Unsubscribe.

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Oh dear, another hysterical remoaner gives us his tuppense worth.

      Wasn’t the economy supposed to have collapsed by now with business fleeing to the EU according to the Remainer group think?

  5. Joe O' Connor says

    Good riddance is all I can say. Everyone knows Kunnesberg is an out and out tory

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