Bam Bam launches Jack FM South Coast
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Bam Bam launches Jack FM South Coast

Celador Radio’s The Coast regional station has re-launched as Jack FM today, following approval from Ofcom for a format change to play rock music.

Former Capital and Kiss presenter Bam Bam was the first presenter on-air at 6am after six hours of non-stop music overnight after The Coast closed down.

The station started life as Original 106 in October 2006 and was run by Canwest who’d won the regional licence from Ofcom the previous year. Following its sale to Celador in summer 2008, it was relaunched as The Coast.

There are already three stations using the Jack brand in the UK – in Oxford (run by ARI), Hertford (run by Shadow Radio Holdings) and in Bristol (run by Celador). Coincidentally, all four Jack stations in the UK are on frequencies between 106 and 107 FM.

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  1. Christopher Sparks

    I listened to Coast regular – but I’ve dnow eleted Jack from my car’s preset stations. It’s Radio Solent for me from now on

  2. Barney Rubble

    1. Its not a rock playlist. Its a mirror of Wave’s .2. Same songs like ELO/Quo repeated on consecutive days.3 Voice over guy is not funny and bland as beige.4.Party games for under 12/s disrespects the listener. 5 Pre-occupation with dead and death might work in a small radio market but not in a TSA of 1.64million.. Rock on!!!

  3. Steve Coombs

    Had to turn off after 30 mins the breakfast show and BamBam were appalling and patronizing-what a waste of energy

  4. bill mayhead


  5. Steve

    Used to listen to The Coast a hell of a lot in the car, more music less chat, and lots of rarities! Can’t listen to ‘Jack’ at all, it’s rubbish – deleted. Bad move guys!!!

  6. Tim

    I like lots of different music. The mix on The Coast was great so we will see how this Jack mix is. Not much variety up to now.

    The big problem is that I like music. Not mindless babble. Making up talk about irrelevant and stupid topics to be able to listen to their own voices seems to be the Jack DJ way.
    The Coast had no babble and very little chat, just good music and sane advertisements.
    A great shame that something really good has gone and been replaced by a very ordinary and useless radio station.

  7. Barney Rubble

    Jack Fm/ Celador were granted a Rock Format. They played Blancmange-HouseMartins-Deep Blue Something and KT Tunstall. at same time Planet Rock played Airborne-Motley Crue-Doobie Bros both in same hour. Which one is Rock ?

    After comments above 5-1 negative messrs Johnson and Simms have their work cut out!!

    1. Rogerthecabinboy

      The chavs that operate & control radio are brainless limpwristed ‘luvvies’, with questionable sexual preferences.

  8. Raggs55

    Who’s daft idea was it to introduce that smug sounding announcer and his inane jokes? It is just so very irritating. Used to like the music but can’t listen to this station anymore.

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