Wireless to launch nine new radio stations

Wireless Group is launching nine new permanent regional music radio stations on DAB, plus four Christmas pop-ups.

Signal 80s, Wave 80s and Pulse 80s will launch permanently on January 1st, replacing the seasonal Signal Xmas, Wave Xmas and Pulse Xmas stations on DAB which start on November 10th.

Also, a new youth station Total Access, named after the group’s networked evening show, will appear in the same three areas in 2018. The nine stations will continue to broadcast The Total Access evening show with Elliot Holman each weekday from 7-10pm, but will now play new music around the clock.

And in Scotland, the Scottish Sun Christmas Radio will be joined in the new year by Scottish Sun 80s and new Scottish Sun Hits and Scottish Sun Greatest Hits stations that will play music of the last 40 years.

Wireless Group CEO Scott Taunton said: “This investment reinforces our commitment to local radio in our regions. We hear our listeners’ demands, and following research into their tastes and preferences we have committed to an array of exciting new stations. I’m confident they will prove to be in-tune with our listeners and advertisers alike.”

Wireless Group’s Programme Director for Local Radio Terry Underhill added: “Whether you are after Christmas classics, 80s chart toppers, greatest hits or the best new music, our new non-stop music stations have got past, present, future and Christmas all wrapped up.”

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  1. Dave Wiggy Wiggins says

    The Wireless Group Should Launch Some Of These Nine New Stations Signal 80s Or The Wave 80s On DAB Digital Radio Here In Herefordshire And Monmouthshire So The Public Can Hear Them As Well From January The1st 2018 That Would Be Good And Better

  2. Raymond Woodward says

    Same old same old.

    Nothing remotely new or different here 🙁

  3. Nikko says

    We’ve already got Heart 80’s on national DAB…. Wireless Group need to come up with something unique instead of another 80’s station then we’ve also got Kisstory playing 90’s & 00’s old Skool…. Also its likely that these new stations will not have presenters and will be automated playlist driven maybe with some prerecorded voice tracking.

  4. Michael says

    Ditto re: same old same old.

  5. Stuart Owens says

    Oh Good(!)
    Another 80’s station I can listen to(!)
    Come 1st January, I can choose whether to listen to Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go on either Absolute 80’s, Heart 80’s, Love 80’s Liverpool, Free Radio 80’s or Signal 80’s when it launches!

    A 60’s or 70’s station would be nice on DAB instead of yet another 80’s station or if Magic Soul was more widely available on DAB across the country outside Birmingham or likewise Radio Caroline. At one time Absolute 60’s was available in Liverpool and Smooth 70’s was available across the UK. These services should be reinstated on DAB either locally to parts of the UK or made nationally available.

  6. Willie Bone says

    Sadly, it is a repeat of formats with no real diversity of choice from commercial radio! I will stick with the BBC & community radio stations on offer…

  7. Liam says

    which areas – didn’t quite get that?

  8. Lee says

    Oh no not another set of narrow eighties play lists. You have got to be joking! What a waste of space on DAB.

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